Upgrade Your Home Resale Value

The “E” word.

You know which one I’m referring to.

It’s the one we read about in the newspaper every morning and we can probably find the masses discussing it on ten out of twenty channels as we settle in each eve to go to sleep. Not to mention how many times a day you will hear others almost praising it like a deity that has us convinced that this is the end of the world as we know it.

The “Economy this” and the “Economy that.” You will find your co workers huddled around the coffee machine complaining about this “shrinking economy” or mu “can’t do much with the economy the way it is”. It’s almost a filthy word that I really don’t want to hear anymore nor give it any power.

Those of us who are trying to make the best out of what circumstances we are given can find comfort in thinking outside of the box and being proactive.

We all know that real estate sales this past year were at a record low for most states. Sellers are not getting their prices and property is sitting on the market too long. There are many accents on the architectural and decorative levels that can make your home stand out from the rest. Owning a quality home that possesses some unique elements will surely attract a Homebuyer in comparison to the neighbor’s ho-hum average home.

One of the main architectural elements in a home that gets ignored is the ceilings. Of course you want to have attractive light fixtures and fans but perhaps installing exotic wood ceiling beams in the main living area of the home is an excellent architectural feature that appreciates the value of the home. Another choice would be wood veneer or hand painted canvas ceiling panels. You have to think about how the home looks without the curtains and furnishings because that is how it’s going to be sold.

Then you get an idea of why good architectural elements are so important.

Other custom features that will appreciate the worth of a property are quality wall textures. Not faux finishes or techniques done with paint or glazes, those applications are too trendy for today’s market and have become a thing of the past. Currently in the market there are stone veneers that contain actual limestone which adds an authentic stone layer to walls.

Italian plasters are also very popular which resemble marble when burnished. There are even natural clay finishes for walls which besides being a “green” product, and we all know that’s a plus when selling, their earthy elements are rich in texture. Let’s remember that not only do these quality wall finishes add value to a home, they also hide a lot of imperfections.

With these few ideas in mind, an average house can be transformed into a very unique home. Minimize furnishings and clutter while trying to clear each room of personal objects. We would all like the idea of buying a home that doesn’t belong to someone else’s life. That means store the over use of pillows, photos, throw blankets, books, knick knacks, souvenirs, and possibly collectibles. Depending on how many you have, they can be overwhelming to strangers.

If you stand in the center of any of your rooms and you can’t find an easy flow for two to three people to walk through it, and then rearrange the furniture, put a chair or table in the garage until the home sells, leave some empty spaces in the house. The entry should be clear and open and try to minimize heavy curtains to allow natural light to brighten up the home.

If you follow these few painless steps of minimizing the personal stuff and upgrading the sale by adding a little life to the architecture, whether it is dressing up the ceilings in a few rooms or adding some accent walls to the environment, you are almost assured a more secure sale while receiving the real value of the home no matter what they say about the “e” word.

By Corinne Bello of the Architectural Detail Design firm of Studio Arte Bello, Clearwater, Florida USA. Studio Arte Bello provides interior design consultation, functional art, decorative ceilings, and custom renovation services.

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