Interior Redesign Training

Interior Redesign Training calls for some modifications to the current house make up. It could be as simple as rearranging the furniture in the room to take advantage of such things as fireplace location, natural or artificial lighting locations and traffic patterns. By helping redesign the interior of the home, the equity that is built in actually increases with a very small investment on the part of the seller.

This is a process that almost anybody with minimal design talent can do with the proper training. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to involve years of schooling or a certificate. With the right mind set, home staging can be accomplished with good organizational skills and a dogged attitude.

There are some things that every house needs before putting it on the market and it is in this area that the interior redesigner should focus his/her attention.

If you have good attention to detail and a ready army of helpers at the ready consider the following areas:

1). Are all of the floors clean and free of scuffs? Would new carpet be beneficial? Are there any squeaks that could be fixed?

2). What condition are the walls in? Do they have cracks? Could they use prep and paint?

3). What does the furniture do for the room? Is there too much or not enough? Should it be rearranged?

4). What does the kitchen look like? Is there enough light? What about the traffic pattern?

5). How many bathrooms are there and what condition are they in? Are there any water leaks?

By focusing on the major areas of the home, the interior redesigner can probably pinpoint some things that can be easily remedied. Any major renovations would probably be done by the new owner so leave those areas alone for the most part.

Just make sure that the surfaces look good and everything works. That is what the buyers want to see.

Now go redesign that house.

Thanks for reading. If you are interested in staging your home or maybe learning how to be a professional stager then click here

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