“Warm appliance” effect can not be trusted market is not heart warming – warm home applian

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A cold winter rain in a blink of an eye, Nanchang, entered the winter, the temperature dropped to below 10, while the number of winter rain did not patronize, to chill, after all, come to the party. Sudden temperature drop, but also “urge fever” of the “warm appliance” market. People have entered the air-conditioned shopping malls fans, heaters, oil heater, etc. “warm home appliances,” while businessmen have launched a variety of “warm home appliances”, to suit the needs of different groups of people. Then, “Warm home appliances,” What are the main consumer groups? How to buy their own satisfaction “warm appliance?” Buy such products in the note about? In recent days, this reporter interviewed investigation. Survey Six adult quality of re-heating appliances 16 day’s survey found: 7 into the consumer’s home has one or more “warm home appliances”, which are mainly on the air conditioner, water heater, Yuba, air-conditioning fan and other products. The purchaser, the purchase of air conditioning, water heaters, heating appliances such Yuba 8 percent of consumers are young, and air-conditioning fan, heater, oil heater consumers are mainly concentrated in the elderly. Heating appliances in the purchase, you value most about? For this issue, almost 6 percent of consumers believe that the first value of the product quality should be the other order is the price, performance and service life, service, brand, design and so on. Reporters after an investigation found that such heating appliances people buy when still very confused, warm home appliances have enough variety, and this year’s addition of a membrane called the efficient electric heaters in the new, the election of ordinary air conditioning fan is good, or to vote for oil heater good? Wet disinfection function is selected, or selected functions of a good physical therapy? Carbon fiber material is selected, or selected quartz material good? Choose how much power is placed in the room suitable? Yes, most people confused. So in the end Who is a warm home appliances consumer groups? After they bought their own use, or give as gifts? young people to buy into the mainWhy do you think of buying “warm appliance?” Journalists in the investigation of this question, the answer quite consistent: to get married, or moving, the. 16 days, Nanchang relevant person in charge of some electronics store, said, Nanchang new strong purchasing power, and the new single purchase most of the million or more appliances, which have warm appliances. Nanchang’s combination of a survey of several major appliance stores data analysis found: At present, the purchase of household appliances is the main force between the ages of 25 to 40 crowd, getting married, moving to a majority. This data in Nanchang City Bureau of Civil Affairs has the proof: 2007 is expected to nearly 40,000 pairs of new registration of marriage, the purchasing power of most of these were strong, they have become the main force of warm household appliances to buy. appliance to send friends and relatives to buy warmIn addition to installation of heating appliances young, there are many people upgrading home appliances need to buy new varieties of heating appliances. Press survey found that about two percent is given to the public to buy household appliances warm friends. 16 noon, Victory Road is a retail shop in Nanchang air conditioning fan community Ms Lau told reporters: “reluctant to use air conditioning at home for the elderly, fear of electricity, air-conditioning fan to buy a 200 yuan very cost-effective, power in choose between 500W and 1000W can also be turned off at any time. In addition, the clerk explained that this function with physical therapy, the elderly certainly like to. “Ms Lau’s very representative of this statement. StatusLow-temperature heat reminder “warm home appliances” Now, in Nanchang, participate in “warm appliance” market pump Yi are department stores, supermarkets, shopping malls and many other Hongseong building. “Warm appliance” in the mall and even in the appliance industry and seem modest, but will compete in the business district an inch of gold, the businessmen actually do not want to give up the piece of cake. On the contrary, as most “warm appliance” is a highly seasonal product, businesses are often seize every opportunity for promotion.

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