Home Improvement – The Big Trend of 2010

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As the popularity of DIY and home improvement projects is set to rise, electricians are warning that there are some jobs left to the experts.

If you’re thinking of doing-up, renovating or expanding your home this year, you’re not alone. According to a recent survey, DIY is one of the most favoured approaches for homeowners to add value to their homes. DIY has long been a very British hobby, but increasingly it’s on the rise. The increase of easy access to information thanks to the internet means more of us are opting for the cheaper do-it-yourself option. Add to that a renewed frugality amongst homeowners and it’s not surprising DIY is in. The recession resulted in a shift in mentality as homeowners realised their properties were no longer endless cash cows, with some even facing negative equity. ‘Renovate not relocate’ became the buzz word as homeowners balked at the huge cost of moving or upgrading homes.

But there are some jobs that homeowners should leave to the experts. A recent story in New Zealand shows how even the most experienced handyman can find themselves in a fatal situation. Trent Page was killed after working with wires under his house in New Zealand, prompting experts and electricians to issue a warning, urging home handymen to call in experts rather than attempting DIY work themselves – especially electrical DIY. The 42-year-old was a carpenter by trade and was investigating a problem with the wiring under his house when he was electrocuted. He died from the shock, despite paramedics attempting CPR for 20 minutes after arriving on the scene. The Electrical Safety Organisation issued a joint statement with the police warning homeowners not to try DIY repairs in their home in areas they were unfamiliar or knew where there was potentially dangerous wiring. The Accident Compensation Corporation figures show the home is the most dangerous place for New Zealanders where a staggering 600 people died last year from DIY injuries. And it isn’t just New Zealand. In the UK, the home is one of the most dangerous places. Statistics show that hazardous wiring costs the lives of 10 people a year in the UK, and causes 750 injuries.

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