Monaco Monarch Motor Home Review

Article by Motor Home Specialist

The 2011 Monaco Monarch takes a step up in class to compete with its more illustrious Class-A counterparts. There is a choice of five floor plans with each motor home coming with either a Ford or Workhorse chassis to ensure good reliability. All models include anti-lock braking and fully automatic hydraulic leveling for convenience. A one-piece panoramic windshield and chrome grille are also included as standard. Optional upgrades include a state-of-the-art Sirius satellite radio as well as a GPS navigation system.

All floor plans are designed to optimize the use of internal space while providing a comfortable and stylish interior. Modern appliances are installed and safety measures in place to ensure it is both safe and secure. There are also plenty of options available so you can pick and choose the optimal solution for your needs. It doesn’t matter if it’s a short trip to the beach or a longer trek across several states, you will be able to find a suitable option so that you have enough storage space for all your necessities.

The only model with optional bunk beds is the 34SBD. This may limit the choice for larger traveling parties, but it shouldn’t be the only reason not to consider the other options. All other models include a sofa, love seat or recliner option. It really depends on how many people are traveling as to which model offers the best basic layout. As you pick and choose between the various options packages to tailor it to your requirements, it becomes easier to make it feel like home.

As for entertainment options, the standard fittings provide a decent basic level of entertainment. A 32 inch LCD stereo TV with remote control is available for the 33SDD and 34SBD models in the living room wall while a 26 inch version is available for the other models overhead in the cockpit area. All models feature a 19 inch widescreen TV in the master bedroom. A DVD player is optional in either the front living room area or bedroom area or both areas if preferred.

The interior of the Monaco Monarch has certainly undergone an improvement. The Newport cherry wood cabinetry and raised panel doors adds a luxurious element. The kitchen countertop extension and additional drawers available for the 34SBD model provides more than enough internal storage space needed if the bunk bed option is also taken up. Overall, the 2011 Monarch has developed in the right direction and is sure to become a top choice among budget conscious travelers.

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