Monaco Camelot Motor Home Review

Article by Motor Home Specialist

The 2011 Monaco Camelot is another impressive offering with two distinctive floor plans available. Both the 43DFT and 43PKQ layouts are not exactly traditional layouts as they have their own twists. The 43DFT model is more traditional with a bath-and-a-half floor plan featuring a full private bath beyond the bedroom. Both models feature a one-piece round shower and vanity with a solid surface countertop and tile backsplash. The 43PKQ model adds its own twist with the kitchen and living areas reversed from most conventional floor plans.

The interior consists of solid wood raised panel cabinet doors and gloss finish wood cabinetry throughout. Crown molding is available for the bedroom along with designer carpets which also feature in the living area. The slide-out solid surface countertops ensure enough food preparation is available for meals while easily sliding back afterwards to really open up the living space.

There are a few options for the internal decor with glazed stained cherry being quite appealing. The bedroom is fitted with designer carpets as standard, but the option to go for filed flooring in the bedroom exists. Sometimes it helps to have tiled flooring throughout, but other times it helps make it more of a home when the living area and bedroom has some luxurious carpets. It all depends on who makes up the travel party. Kids will generally leave their mark more quickly on carpets than tiles.

A queen bed is fitted on both models as standard, but there is the option to upgrade to a king bed if necessary. Additional bed space is made available through the choice of which type of sofa to include. Both models include a roadside Ultra-leather hide-a-bed sofa with air mattress. The 43DFT model has the Ultra-leather jackknife sofa fitted as standard on the curbside while the 43PKQ model has the expandable sofa with air mattress fitted.

If the travel party is small, it might be worth considering the option of going with the wrap-around computer desk with Ultra-leather recliner. On the 43PKQ, this option is fitted on the roadside while in the 43DFT model it is fitted on the curbside. There is also a host of options available when it comes to meeting your entertainment needs, but these are generally highly dependent on how large the traveling party is.

Whatever options you choose, the Monaco Camelot certainly makes it easy to build out your motor home around your interests while keeping it stylish and comfortable.

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