Monaco Knight Motor Home Review

Article by Motor Home Specialist

The 2011 Monaco Knight has taken a leap forward in terms of providing luxury at an affordable price. With an interior height of 7 foot, it is large enough for most people and spacious for others. There is also ample storage available both internally and externally to ensure you are able to travel with all your necessities.

The cockpit includes an in-dash AM/FM/CD stereo with Sirius-ready compatibility as well as an LCD 3-camera rear vision system as standard. The Sirius satellite radio tuner with antenna is optional as is a GPS navigation system. It might even be a better experience without GPS as it can lead to a more exciting trip. Either way, both the pilot and co-pilot can sit comfortably in the Ultra-leather six-way power pilot seats provided.

Looking at the four available floor plans there is some variety in layout and standard features. All bedrooms include a standard queen bed, but do have the option to upgrade to a king bed if preferred. A wardrobe, dresser, 26 inch LCD TV and padded carpets are also standard bedroom fittings. There is the option of manual solar screens throughout while mini blinds are fitted as standard in the kitchen and bath areas.

As far as entertainment features go, all four models offer good basic features. The 36PBD offers an overhead 32 inch flat screen LCD TV in the cockpit area while the others offer a 40 inch one in the living area. All models apart from the 36PBD offer the option of a 26 inch LCD TV in the cockpit overhead area. Each model includes a home theater system while providing the option of a DVD Player in the bedroom as well as a Multi-Satellite HD dish. The option does not include the actual receiver, but the dish option is available if desired.

Another option is looking at having a computer workstation installed, but this is not available in the 36PFT floor plan. With this option, the hours can quickly get eaten up if there is nothing interesting to watch. Alternatively, curling up in a king size bed and watching your favorite DVD might prove more relaxing in the long term.

Whether options are selected or not, the standard features in the Monaco Knight will ensure each trip is completed with a degree of luxury and style. If you do take the options available, it will definitely improve the level of luxury and comfort as well as increase the number of ways to keep entertained while on the road.

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