What Kind Of Home Improvement Can I Do With Bad Credit?

Article by Devora Witts

When someone needs to make home improvements and does not have the cash needed to pay for them, the usual solution is a home improvement loan. However, having bad credit may be an obstacle to obtaining high amount loans. Therefore, many people wonder what kind of home improvement can be done when the home improvement loan applicant has bad credit. The answer to this question is not simple because there are too many variables involved.

There are different kinds of home improvement loans and therefore, the type of loan will determine the amount of money you can obtain and consequently the type of improvements that you can afford. Also, the financial and credit situation of the applicant can also modify the final loan amount that the lender will be willing to offer. And last, but not least, whether the applicant can offer any kind of guarantee for repayment other than equity will also determine the loan amount and type of improvement that can be made.

Improvements With Unsecured Home Improvement Loans And Secured Ones

Unsecured home improvement loans are personal loans that are used for making home improvements. Since these loans carry no security the risk is high and so is the interest rate. But most importantly, the amount of money you can borrow by these means is also limited. Therefore, only minor home improvement like repainting, retiling, fixing pipes, roofs, etc. can be afforded with these loans.

However, with secured home improvement loans, the situation differs. These loans are guaranteed by equity and therefore, the amount you can obtain is determined by the amount of free equity on your property. Since these loans provide higher loan amounts usually measured in tens of thousands, it is possible to undertake bigger home improvement projects like adding a room to a house, carpeting all the property, replacing the whole electric, water or gas internal system, etc.

How Bad Credit And Harsh Financial Situations Affect What You Can Improve

Bad Credit will limit your ability to finance improvement projects. In order to get approved for a loan for home improvements you need a fair credit score and a suitable income for repaying the money you owe. Bad credit will determine the possibility of undertaking only small home improvement projects while you are struggling to recover your credit because no high amount loans will ever be available with bad credit unless you provide collateral or get the aid of a third party.

<b<How A Third Party Can Help You Overcome Bad Credit

If you are desperately in need of making home improvements and you can not obtain the money by other means, you should consider the aid of another family member. Sometimes the head of the house makes wrong decisions and ends up with a bad credit score. However, other members of the household may be able to act as co-signors for the loan with a good credit record that will guarantee approval from the lenders due to a significant reduction of the risk involved in the transaction.

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