Forest River Lexington Motor Home Review

Article by Motor Home Specialist

As Class B+ motor homes go, the Forest River Lexington is up there mixing it with the best of them. It is especially appealing to the budget conscious consumer and is a good starter motor home. There is a small selection of different floor plans available, but enough choice to ensure you find one that fits with your intended use of the vehicle. It is not going to appeal to those who want to relax in ultimate luxury, but that should be expected due to its affordability.

The standard fixtures and fittings inside the Lexington serve a practical purpose. They are not designed to provide ultimate luxury, but they do provide a stylish living area and comfortable sleeping area. The cedar lined wardrobes add a homely feel while the practical shower unit and toilet takes care of hygiene. The standard entertainment system will suit most people, but there is the option of upgrading to include a DVD player with a premium surround sound system if desired.

With the 235S, it is clearly designed for small traveling parties as it does not feature a master bedroom. This makes it one of the more interesting floor plan options with entry towards the rear. Normally, entry is towards the front or actually via the passenger door. It is able to hold 25 gallons of fresh water and 27 gallons of gray and black water. This is large enough to cope with the demands of most users, but will require a refill when on extended trips.

The other floor plan options all include a decent sized queen bed and master bedroom area. This is in addition to the sofa and living area where additional bed space is available if needed. The amount of water storage is also larger with all other models having the capacity to carry 44 gallons of fresh water and 35 gallons of gray and black water. All models have the same fuel capacity of 55 gallons so there isn’t a real need to stop too frequently to fill up between planned stopover areas.

For people who like to sit out and relax at their destination, the Forest River Lexington offers an awning size of 12 foot 6 inches with the 235S up to 18 foot with the 283TS. This is a large enough space considering the 235S does not feature a master bedroom area. Bear in mind, additional luxurious fixtures and fittings will quickly inflate the cost of most other motor homes, but will still leave the Lexington with most people’s budget.

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