Tax Season Goes Green – How to Print Forms 1099 in PDF format

Article by Casey Yang

With all the forms and paperwork necessary, tax season may be the most environmentally unfriendly part of the year for businesses. But ezW2, the Form 1099 & W2 printing software from, adds a little Green to this bleak season with electronic PDF printing and paper-saving features that save time, money and the environment.

ezW2 1099 W2 software was specifically engineered with non-accountant business owners in mind. Its intuitive interfaces allow the user to get started on filing and printing Forms W2, W3, 1099 and 1096 without the long learning curve typically associated with financial software.

The latest ezW2 software can electronically prints W2’s and 1099’s in portable document format (PDF) for delivery to employees and vendors by email or other electronic means, eliminating the need for unnecessary paper copies.

Followings are the step by step on how to printing form 1099 in PDF format.

Step 1: Start ezW2 software.

If you do not have this W2 and 1099 software installed, you can download it for free from No registration needed and no obligation. You can follow the step by step online instructions to finish the installation in minutes.

Step 2: Click the top menu “Current Company->Form 1099” to open 1099 Edit forms.

Step 3: Enter 1099 information then click the button Print 1099 Form to open print option screen.

Step 4: If you want to generate the PDF format files, you can check the options and click the button “Print to PDF”.– You can generate the PDF file for just one 1099 form or multiple forms- You can generate the PDF file for one recipient or multiple recipients. – You can specify the file path after you click the “Print to PDF” button. – The forms for one recipient will be saved into one file with file name like firstname_lastname1099.pdf, which you can email to your recipient later. – ezW2 can generate the PDF file for Form 1099-misc copy 1, 2, B and C.

Note: ezW2 allows user to set up unlimited companies with one flat rate. So if you have multiple companies or you are an accountant, you can add new company by clicking top menu “Company Management->New company”

About ezW2, 1099 W2 preparing, importing and printing softwareezW2 2010, W2 1099 software from, is affordable but fully functional software designed for the non-accounting small business and accountants who needs to file and print Form W-2 and Form 1099. Known for affordability and ease-of-use, ezW2 tax form-printing software is backed by top-notch customer service from developer that has earned the trust of thousands of small businesses.

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