Home improvements that give maximum return

Article by Aisha Cristal

A survey that was carried out by Dynamic Markets for GE Money Home Lending revealed top ten home improvements in terms of adding monetary value to your home. The UK is a nation obsessed with Do-It-Yourself home improvements. However, the survey revealed that homeowners were failing to consider the monetary returns that home improvements carried out by them would bring.

The survey revealed an interesting fact on home improvement perceptions held by the homeowners. The combined value addition of the top three modifications that homeowners believe will add the most value fell short of the value added by the estate agent’s top-most choice. It shows that homeowners are not aware of the trends in the home market and they just carry out modifications as per their wishes, paying scant regards to the monetary value that would be added to their homes.

According to the survey, the top three home improvements as recommended by 100 estate agents across the UK are loft conversion, extension and conservatory. On an average, these home improvements will respectively add