The Rise of The Boutique Home

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A growing flexibility from leading Australian home builders means that many more people can now take the plunge and create their dream lifestyle. In the past, it was really a case of one size fits all. Now, the vast increase in the type and style of homes on offer, and improved ability to personalise those homes, means a boutique home is well within the reach of most families.

It pays to be smart. Don’t start with an absolutely blank sheet of paper. Most major builders have got their costs as low as they can possibly go, and are very experienced at creating flexible, well-planned homes. They’ve invested millions in coming up with clever internal layouts and superb fixtures and fittings. So do you really want to create a brick rectangle and fill in every internal wall yourself? You could spend a fortune just on the drawings. It makes more sense to look at the house plans on offer, and adapt them to your specific needs.

This even extends to home and land packages. Builders know which home design will suit which block best. It will save you time and effort if you ask their advice. But once the home has been settled on, the fun begins. You may be amazed at the thousands of options on offer to personalise your home, and it doesn’t just extend to colour schemes.

The very materials used to construct your home can be altered. Typically, there will be hundreds of brick types and colours to choose from, but what if you want some or all of the home “rendered”. New building systems now make that easier than ever. What about the front of the home: not quite the image you are wanting to project on the street? Well, today you can expect to be offered a range of alternatives many leading builders offer five or six facade options on many of their homes. The effect of choosing a different facade can be quite dramatic.

Inside the home, you can choose from timber floors or tiles, in a dizzying array of choices. And often, upgrade packages allow you to install extra luxury wherever you look, at very attractive prices. Taps, whitegoods, window frames, lighting, information and entertainment technology and more… it’s all up for grabs.

Your best bet is to visit a display centre soon, and grill the salespeople. With luck, they’ll soon convince you that your dream could actually be just around the corner

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