Kitchen Remodel Adds Value To Your Home

Article by Terry Lamb

Are ready for a change in your kitchen’s dull and tired paint or wall border? Has your style suddenly changed since you moved into a new home? There is much to be said for a well done kitchen remodel job’s ability to increase the value of your home if you should choose to sell it at some point. Even if you just do a kitchen remodel for yourself, the transformation can be an amazing thing.

Improving one’s home is a significant part of home ownership. Over time, things deteriorate, break, or get worn out and demand replacing. However, no “home improvement” can compare to the difference a “kitchen remodel” makes.

You can do some tricks such as changing the color of paint on the walls or even adding wallpaper. New tiles can make your kitchen look as if it was completely new and won’t even crack the edges while doing so. New countertops do actually make a durable impression and give your kitchen that absolutely new look as well.

If you’ve got the cash on hand, you might even go so far as purchasing all-new appliances after your kitchen remodel is done. This way, you will be able to rid yourself of old, borrowed, or mix-matched refrigerator and stove, then hand-pick one which best matches the layout and design of the new kitchen.

Having new windows put in, or even a sliding glass door, will make a big difference not only in appearance, but also in heating and cooling bills, amount of light allowed into the home, and cross breezes that might flow through can be welcome additions. Ceiling fans will also help circulate air and neutralize odors that might linger after cooking meals. Any of these options is viable when you are thinking of remodeling the kitchen area.

However you go about it and whether you actually intend to or not, you will no doubt increase the resale value of your home after having any type of remodeling done, the kitchen is no exception. Just make sure you do all of your research beforehand and pick a contractor who offers and a fair price and who you can trust.

Typically the easiest and most cost-effective way to add value to your house is a kitchen remodel. If you are doing this to sell your property, you might want to remain neutral.