Architectural Remodeling: Home Redesign With A Pure Beauty Emphasis

Article by Jeremy Smith

For the vast majority of people, their house must be both beautiful and comfortable. Designers throughout the ages have worked to create the ideal balance of these two elements, constantly increasing comfort while simultaneously adding to the beauty element. Now, however, a new player has emerged on the scene. Home additions are increasingly being designed to add beauty into the very foundation of a house, adding a spark before the interior designer ever touches the space.

Why Re-Do A House?

There are many reasons why people choose to dramatically change their living space. In most cases, it starts off as a small project. Perhaps only a kitchen or bathroom is intended for modernization. But once the project is completed, it becomes such a focal point and such a benefit that the scope expands, often including home additions and sometimes becoming a complete re-imagining of the entire property.

Incorporating The Architectural

In the past, the goal was to create a timeless space which would largely gain character from the elements that were introduced inside it. But instead of yielding a blank canvas, it became a template for builders to create identical or nearly identical structures within the same neighborhood. These lacked distinction and lost their luster for the owners.

Today, in cities as diverse as Boston, Dallas, and San Diego, remodelers are seeing a different trend. People who have tolerated their rather uninspiring and basic spaces are now looking to personalize them. They are seeking to synthesize and create a fusion between the functional and the beautiful, adding details that give the space a sense of character without dramatically changing the way it functions.

Architecture As A Basis For Look & Feel

It can be easy to overlook the importance of architecture and dismiss it as something only really feasible at the highest levels of income. In that past, that’s exactly what it was. The most wealthy individuals were able to have custom created residences, and these tended to make use of the most talented drafting teams, who tended to include specialized elements as part of what they created. If you couldn’t afford this kind of personalized creation, great detail was out of reach.

Now, home additions have made it possible to get this kind of workmanship on a smaller scale. Even a single room can add a lot of richness and beauty to an entire home. Intricate beaming or gracefully curved walls in one space can set the tone throughout. Individuals that remember this – and the new generation of creators who bring it to life – are set to lead the charge for new houses throughout the next century.

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