Ideas to Make your Home Warmer and Inviting:

Article by Sneh Ranjan

Ideas to Make your Home Warmer and Inviting:A well-lit space is the most inexpensive way to give a warmer and inviting look to your home. Uniform and proper lighting inside and outside a house could add a charm to it. Moreover, lighting can change the entire decor of a house and simple lighting fixtures can help you attain a lavish look. There are many lighting elements, with which you can add warmth to your home and upgrade your decor such as lamps, chandeliers, overhead lightings, table and floor lamps, etc. Colorful and dim light options can elucidate the interiors of your room and help to accentuate your home by altering the mood inside it.When we talk of lighting, it’s not only about indoor illumination. It holds an equal significance for outdoor areas such as entryways and garden. A well irradiated home would seem more inviting and one can feel the warmth associated with the fall of light. Some lighting must haves to make your home warmer and inviting are:

Table and Floor Lamps: Light up your room with soft and dim version of table and floor lamps. Bright up each corner of your room with a table and floor lamp and make the place relaxed. A cozy look is desired by everyone and these lamps would be the best choice to achieve the same.

Hanging Candle Lamps: For creating a glow in your room, you must try hanging candle lamps. You can hang them in series in different patterns such as a straight line, triangle, etc. With candle lamps, you can give a classic touch to your decor that would add a difference to your home. Choose scented candles for these traditional and beautifully crafted lamps.

Sconces: Instead of using fluorescent and bright overhead lights, you can nail up sconces on your walls. These ornamental brackets with another source of light would help you to get an even fall of light thus eliminating the pain of bright lights. These beautiful holders would help to envisage the scenario.Chandeliers: Functional and stylish chandeliers could be one of the lighting elements for big spaces. They are available in variety of materials such as crystal chandeliers, glass chandeliers, etc. Size of a chandelier also matters and you should choose one that matches perfectly with your existing home decoration. Big chandeliers may overpower the space so choose wisely and go with the look of your decor.

Outdoor lighting: One should also focus on outdoor lighting to make your space warmer. Put dim bulbs on your entryways one following the other or you can even put only two big lights on either side of your entrance. Garden should be well illuminated with dimmer versions so that one could easily make out things even in the dark.Lighting is an effective way to bring life to your space and thus one should not overlook this home decor accessories. Update your home lighting and for that you can consider online purchase in India. Mix and match various lighting sources to glow up each corner of your home and you can always take the help from online lighting sites. home decor accessories – decoration –

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