The Remodeling Crew

Article by Groshan Fabiola

Remodeling your home requires a lot of supplies. Tools, materials, new furniture, new paint, and so much more go into remodeling your home and turning it into something new and fresh.

But remodeling also takes a good amount of people. Having an experienced crew is crucial to getting the perfect San Diego home remodel job.

The General Contractor

The contractor is probably the most important person in a home remodeling project. And has several responsibilities.

Your general contractor is responsible for overseeing the project and making sure everything is progressing smoothly every single day.

The contractor will also take care of any legal documents and permits that might be necessary for a remodel.

In planning stages, you and your contractor will work closely to establish a budget that will include materials, equipment, and labor. It is then the contractors job to make sure that you stay within budget throughout the course of the project.

Most importantly, the contractor is the one who keeps communication between all parties involved, making sure everyone involved is on the same page.

As you can see, an experienced and qualified San Diego remodeling contractor is vital to running a smooth, safe project.


Many times, the contractor will fulfill the architect or engineer role, but this won