We Upgraded a Brand New Vivid Visual Customer-Friendly Interface

Article by Bluelans

As far as the old and new customers known, the website interface of bluelans.com is not as comfortable as other sites. The whole interface is crowded and small. Actually, it is not good to the eyes. Certainly, it will stop some customers forwarding.

As a professional China fashion wholesale , bluelans.com deeply learn the importance of customer experience. Therefore, on one hand, bluelans.com continuously add new and cool fashion gadgets to appreciate the old and new customers; on the other hand, bluelans.com is try its best to perfect the website design and function.

1. Longitudinal Navigation Before, bluelans.com adopts the classic Zencart module. It adopts the horizon navigation. However, after upgrading, bluelans.com will employ the longitudinal navigation system. It will be much clearer. And it display all the categories bluelans.com support. It will be much easier and more convenient to browse. No need to find some categories hided. It is efficient and accurate to reach the destination page.

2. Horizon NavigationThe main categories are displayed in longitudinal navigation system; bluelans.com adds some new features options. There will be Bluelans, Wholesale, Dropship, Oversea Warehouse, 1.99$ Gadgets, Forum, etc. These options are always interested by customers. Therefore, bluelans.com puts them in the really obvious position. It is do attractive to click and find the right discounts for relevant orders.

3. Best SellersIn the old version, bluelans.com displays the best sellers with a tiny image with long title. To be frank, it is really not comfortable to the eyes. Actually, it can be said bluelans.com wastes such a golden place to attract target customers.

After changing, bluelans.com adopts larger images with title as well as striking affordable price. The visual impact is apparent, especially for fashion accessories like China wholesale clothing (http://www.bluelans.com/china-wholesale-fashion-womens-clothing_c14003), jewelry, handbags, and more. No one likes to watch small but not comfortable things. Bigger but clearer image, attractive price, it deserve the good position.

4. The Whole listing The whole page will adopts the image display version like some other social website focusing on fashion accessories. It is very visual. Customers will know what bluelans.com sell. It is easier and efficient to find out the final location.

Moreover, in the whole selection, to help customers hunting hot products, bluelans.com actively recommends the top selling products in the home page. Other customers’ choices will also help the new customers.

Being an experienced China wholesale (http://www.bluelans.com) in the e-commerce field, bluelans.com always tries to provide first-class service to worldwide customers. Bluelans.com sincerely hopes that the old and new customers will like the brand new version. Furthermore, bluelans.com also expects the cool suggestions from customers to continue to perfect bluelans.com online store.

As a professional and experienced china wholesale targeting at the fashion women’s clothing market,Bluelans.com would like share a lot of fashion items in cheaper price for the old and new customers.

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