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Every property we buy, or everything we make, every product we purchase has to be maintained just like how we maintain our health to lead a long life. The life term of anything heavily depends upon how well it is maintained over the years. Poor maintenance will obviously lead to a shorter life time. We invest a lot on these items we purchase. So you need to answer yourself a question. Is it okay to lose something which we have valued and bought? Obviously we all have a purpose for the purchase we do in our lives. Obviously every penny we earn is a hard earned one and I am well aware of the fact that nobody is that irresponsible to purchase something without knowing the value of money spent on it.The above statements are pretty much true when it comes to homes. As properties houses are pretty expensive. Not everyone could afford to own a house in todays world. And everybody buys house either for building assets which serves a useful purpose in future or to live in their dream home obviously when they purchase it keeping in mind their dreams, they do tend to care a lot for it. And it is very necessary for every owner to maintain is properly over the years so that house doesn