A Wearable Form Of Self Expression – The Evolution Of The T-Shirt From Underwear To Fashion Statement

Article by Roy Millor

A Wearable Form Of Self Expression – The Evolution Of The T-Shirt From Underwear To Fashion Statement – Shopping – Fashion Style

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Fashions come and go but throughout the seasons some clothing items have been around for decades, adapting and constantly being reinvented season after season. The humble t-shirt is one of these items. While the basic style has remained the same, after all it has now become a classic, the colours, materials and design elements relating to it such as t-shirt printing have been constantly reinvented. This is one piece of clothing that is truly unisex as it is loved by women as much as men and is a standard item in the wardrobe of millions of children.Means Of CommunicationThe t-shirt seems to have taken on a life of its own over the decades. At one time they were worn for warmth only, issued as standard kit throughout the two world wars, until in modern times they have been used as tools to reflect the personal opinions of the wearer. A single well designed t-shirt has been known to start a trend, spark revolutions and make political statements that the world has no choice other than to listen to. T-shirt design can be seen as a reflection of the thoughts and opinions of society as a whole at any given point in time. At their best they are used to display the incredible creative talents of talented designers, and at their worst they are used to provoke shock reactions from the people that see them, and then there are those that raise a smile.Comical T-ShirtsThere are t-shirts available that appeal to all kinds of humour from the hi-brow and the cerebral comedy of science, to the low level humour based around sex, with a wide diversity of topics in-between. And though you think the market might be flooded with comedy shirts there seems to be no end to the t-shirt printing options that are available, with new shirts and designs constantly coming onto the market. In recent years there has been an increase in the amount of cartoon characters and super hero type characters that have made it into the stores and even the supermarkets on hundreds of different off the peg items. Whole companies have actually been founded on the comedy themed t-shirt, the offensive t-shirt and the in your face slogan style t-shirts, and incredibly most of these companies will have started with a simple idea and a single piece of t-shirt printing equipment, but their concept and passion for their product was enough to carry them forward into the mainstream retail clothing industry.