Proficient Use of Green Printing for Urgent Care Centers

Article by Aunindita Bhatia

Proficient Use of Green Printing for Urgent Care Centers – Advertising – Print Advertising

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The proficient use of green printing for urgent care centers to ensure that such after-hour facilities get many clients.

Prompt attention facilities are convenient facilities dedicated to the delivery of medical care outside of a hospital and usually on an unscheduled walk-in basis. They are basically used to treat patients who have injuries or illnesses that need prompt care, but are not serious enough to warrant an appointment to an emergency department. In these facilities one doesn’t need to make an appointment as talented nurses and doctors are ready to treat you on your own time. These after – hours facilities offer general medical care to their patients. In their operation, they make use of things like record sheets and receipts and this is where we utilize green printing for urgent care centers.

Eco-friendly printing ensures that the materials made are safe to the surroundings. Green printing for urgent care centers is the solution when such facilities want to show that they are environmentally conscious. This can be applied in the following areas in the scenario of an immediate service medical facility:

Making of Patients’ Record SheetsImmediate service medical facilities need record sheets to document a patient’s medical history and how he is responding to treatment. Record sheets have to be produced in large numbers to cater to the ever-growing number of people who need prompt medical attention. In order to make use of green printing for urgent care centers we can bring into play eco-friendly printing, which serves the purpose of providing materials that are mindful of the environment. Instead of using completely new paper in making these forms, green printing for urgent care centers ensures that recycled paper is used.

Making ReceiptsReceipts are essential in immediate service medical facilities, since they show that the patient has paid for services. They are used on a daily basis and in large numbers. Most people destroy these receipts once they have paid for the services and have been attended to. Most of these end up in the environment. To make certain that they don’t pollute the environment it is necessary to make receipts using biodegradable papers such as terraskin, which is safe for the surroundings. Medical facilities can facilitate the use of biodegradable materials to guarantee the conservation of the environment.

Making Prescription LabelsPrescription labels are there to guide the patient on how to take the medicine they have been prescribed: at what time to take it and in what quantities. They make certain that the drugs are taken in accordance to the doctor’s instructions. When making these labels, it is important to use green printing for urgent care centers to ensure the protection of the environment. To do this, one can use recycled ink instead of using new ink.

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Aunindita Bhatia

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