Thunder at Home 96-100 to Heat

Article by Zhenahah

Thunder at Home 96-100 to Heat – Shopping – Clothing

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Thunder at home 96-100 to heat, total score equalized by an adversary. But Durant in foul trouble plagued the case, still played excellent, 32 points by the winner was 22 shooting in the detonation. In this way, in the last 5 games, Durant field under detonation 25+, hitting at least 1 threes, hit more than 50%, and the last people who can do this, Michael-Jordan, also dates back to the 1990 playoffs. A player in 1 playoff game, scoring more than 25, hitting at least 1 threes, hit more than 50%, this means that he must be a good goalscorer, and possesses good external projection capability, of course, his scoring efficiency must be higher. NBA star in 1 games completed the data, perhaps it is not difficult, but this is 5 consecutive games, this is by no means an easy task.

In fact, since 1990 in the playoffs, the League will never, be able to do this. A player to accomplish this feat on, precisely is the omnipotent God of basketball Michael Jordan. Today, while Durant touch Jordan’s record of 23 years. 22 shooting in this game under gunfire in 32 minutes, plus after hitting 4 threes, Durant 5 consecutive meet the standards referred to before, became the first person playoffs in the past 22 years.

Heat team in the history of, the playoffs even cutting 30+, and even 20+ of the original record is created and maintained by Wade. Dwyane Wade in the 2006 playoffs, had put on 4 consecutive fields chopping down 30+ of the show, this wave of brilliant cut performances occurred in the 2006 finals, in the finals that year Wade v of the third war, the fourth war, war and war of the sixth detonation respectively 42 points, 36 points, 43, and 36 points, leading the heat winning streak 4 Championship. In the playoffs even take 20+, Wade 2005 playoffs 2006 convergence gets 20+ of playoffs totals 17 consecutive field.

Wade written record of the history of the two teams today are broken up, rewrite history are James. James in the first section of this bondage-8 shooting to get 8 points, second section inaccurate shooting at one point but have quickly adjusted their halftime score to be upgraded to 14 points. “Emperor” broke out in section III-5 3 6 6 taken alone in 12 minutes of penalties in the heat with 11 points lead entering the fourth section, Thunder launched in distal hit list, 1 minute and 47 seconds before the final, the difference is reduced to 3 points, James come out dry remove the jump shot hit heat stabilize the situation. Last minute, James to resist pressure in both Gilberto Silva. “Emperor” harvest 6 min in the fourth section, personal field scores increased to 32 points.

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