What Do Easter and Home Staging Have in Common?

Article by Karen Schaefer

What Do Easter and Home Staging Have in Common? – Home – Interior Design

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What do Easter and Home Staging have in Common? You can’t put all your eggs in one basket! Or at least you shouldn’t! Ask me how I knowit is a lesson learned the hard way.

When I first started staging, I was a real estate investor so everything I did was for real estate investors. This was great. I had my digi-stage service along with my investor staging service and it worked out really well for me. Then, as I started offering home staging training and home staging certification, I naturally went to investors, which again worked out well. We spoke the same language, I understood multiple exit strategies, budgets, etc. And, well, all was good in the land of Karenuntilwait for it.the economy crashed!

Naturally this took so many of the investors out of the picture and before I knew it we were barely scraping by because I only had one source of income. Today, I have 3 main sources of income:

1) Home Stagers that want to train, become certified and take their businesses to the next level2) Real Estate Agents and Investors that use my Home Staging Services 3) Vendors that want to partner with me, book me for speaking engagements, and so on.

I have other sources too such as real estate, I hold mortgages for people, have vacation rentals and so on but listed above are my main 3 sources of home staging income.

For you, your list might have

1) Real Estate Agents2) Real Estate Investors3) Sellers


1) Showcase/Home Staging2) Redesign3) Curb Appeal

The point is, you never want to put all your home staging eggs into one basket because you never know when that basket can fall apart. By identifying 3 main sources of income, you protect yourself and your business should one of your ‘eggs’ fall out of the basket and become ‘scrambled.’

While you are repairing or replacing your cracked ‘egg’ your other 2 sources can still be moving forward. Whether your 3 sources come from various types of clients, relationships or services, make sure that you keep all of the safe and healthy! Today, my Home Staging Business which operates mostly on a ‘private client’ level has 27 streams of income and I have multiple types of clients and relationships to support the income streams as well. I am very proud of this because now I know that my business can sustain any type of ‘egg’ drought!

You don’t need 27 thoughjust 3 sources- safe, healthy and sunnyside up!

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About the Author

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Karen Schaefer

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