The Popularity of Remodeling the Kitchen and Bath

Article by Mark Summer

The Popularity of Remodeling the Kitchen and Bath – Home – Remodeling

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Toronto is certainly an incredible place to live, whether you call the West End home, live in East York, North York, Scarborough or downtown. More and more people are coming to call this beautiful city home and, as such, remodeling homes has become more than popular. One of the most popular choices of homeowners is to remodel the kitchen and bath in Toronto. This is a good decision and can lend a home a new style and vibrant new life.

The kitchen is perhaps the most frequently remodeled room in the home, followed immediately by the bathroom. Kitchen remodels provide an amazing way to rejuvenate a home, as well as adding unique style and flair to that most important of rooms. What are the most popular choices when it comes to remodeling the kitchen or bath in Toronto homes?

First, changing out the kitchen cabinets is incredibly popular. You will find that new kitchen cabinets are available in several different styles, from elegant to modernist and everything in between. In addition, most homeowners choose to add cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling. This is usually accomplished by removing the bulkhead, or soffit, from the cabinets. Doing so allows the kitchen cabinets to be installed flush with the ceiling and offers additional storage space, as well.

Another popular renovation that people make is to the lighting in the kitchen. Recessed lighting is one of the most common changes. This allows homeowners to add as many lights as they might wish, without cluttering up the ceiling or having unsightly light fixtures blocking a view. Recessed lighting can be used as task lighting, to highlight decorative design elements and more. In addition, homeowners often choose to add a dimmer switch, enabling them to raise or lower the ambient light levels, rather than just having the lights either on or off.

Finally, remodeling the kitchen and bath in Toronto area homes also frequently involves changing out sinks and faucets. One interesting option if you choose to go this route is to opt for sinks and faucets that share a design theme. While they will not be identical to each other, they complement each other quite well and can help you unify a design theme that runs throughout the home. This is particularly true if you choose to add the same style of cabinetry in the bathroom and the kitchen.

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