Bali Hut: A Home Addition that Gives a Stylish Nod to Sustainability and Ecological Balance

Article by Brad Wegner

Bali Hut: A Home Addition that Gives a Stylish Nod to Sustainability and Ecological Balance – Home – Home Accessories

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Interior and exterior designers as well as builders have been inspired by design that is born and bred in Indonesia hence the emergence of the structure called Bali hut in many parts of the world. This type of hut is commonly seen in vacation hotspots even in posh hotels, spas and homes.

If you are one of those who have turned their eyes east; to the Far East to be exact, surely you have discovered many stylish designs as well as traditional ones that have captured your heart. Many builders today has developed this range of thatched huts which pull influences from traditional Balinese architecture, forms and styles, palettes and images but updates them with irreverent contemporary details to demonstrate a commitment to the art, its fine detail as well as the traditional craftsmanship.

Countless magazines have featured these incredible huts. If you have an impeccable taste, there’s no doubt that you couldn’t resist setting your sight on the various selections of all things Balinese, specifically the thatched huts. If you are looking at building one for you and your family, you can find inspiration from the many seriously stylish versions that have been created by brilliant architects and designers. Many of them can be seen on the internet as they have now become the hottest international architectural and sculptural creations because of their striking beauty and unexpected charm.

You can use your imagination and creativity if you want to enhance your Balinese inspired hut. Employ cleverly designed light fittings to highlight its unique sculptural lines and radical form that made it a spectacular type of building that can serve as the centre piece of any type of property regardless of size, shape and type. A fantastic designer can very well create a gentle lighting; a diffused lighting style will truly make this structure look unusual and ethereal.

Balinese huts are a fine example of clean minimalism, a genuine aesthetic designed with strict simplicity yet not staid. You can choose to divert your own creative juices into addressing the form of the hut and have its curves redesigned the way you want. You can work with a reputed designer and builder who are well-equipped to tackle your project. Choose a professional that can contribute to the elegance of your hut’s design and come up with an ultra stylish and stunning hut.

Plan to build a home addition with a design that gives a stylish nod to sustainability and ecological balance, but this doesn’t mean that you can no longer test your boundaries. Go ahead and do as you please by combining a stylish composite, contemporary design with the charmingly old-fashioned process. Don’t be deterred if it looks overwhelming or bemusing as you can always look for ways to make everything look perfect.

When you have finally made up your mind to build a Bali hut in your property, now it’s time for you to talk to your builder. You also don’t have to be hard at work behind the scenes as you can opt to talk to reputed designers who will be very much thrilled to help you.

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Brad Wegner

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