Home Interior Designing

Anybody who resides in a home decorates it in one form or the other. From the days when man lived in caves, he has been decorating his place of shelter in his own ways with whatever means at his disposal. Today interior designing has become a profession in itself and there are courses being offered for this. Every room in a home can be designed in a different and innovative way. Some designs are theme based and the decorative items are compatible with the theme. In case the home is present in a scenic location, which too is taken into consideration while designing the interiors. For example the natural landscape like sea or mountain view is taken into account while deciding the interiors. These days, the interior decoration is kept in mind from the project planning phase itself. Interiors give a new meaning to each and every corner of the room. Interior design can take many forms like paintings, decorative items, sculptures, antiques, etc.


Illumination from day light is an important part of interior design. Designs are available to take care of privacy by blocking direct view more so in the case of bed rooms. Interior design doesn’t mean that the rooms should be stuffed with decorative items. Some people are interested in bed rooms with minimal design and to cater to this segment of market, rooms have pleasant modularity, soft ceiling and walls along with soothing ambience.

Some bed rooms have a swimming pool within the room itself. Living room can be made lively with elegant and stylish items made of wooden handicrafts, coloured glass and other articles. Fabulous chandeliers are yet another great addition to the living room. It is worth considering an aquarium with colourful fishes which would become cynosure of the eyes. Carpets and rugs enhance the aesthetic sense of the room. Cushion covers made of smooth materials like silk and satin can be of colours that complement the rugs and carpets. Curtain material and colours should match or complement that of wall painting. Curtain rods come in different materials like brass, steel, iron and can be chosen appropriately. Beautiful shapes can be chosen for the ends of curtain rods.


Interior design is also done using software for a more practical view as it gives a 3-Dimensioal view and 3-Dimensional fly of the room. It also gives the list of materials and cost estimation and helps in taking a correct decision. Kitchen designs are worth exploring. Hobs and chimneys have literally removed the traces smoke and intense smell from the kitchens. Some kitchens have dining table within them. The brass and other metallic plumbing fitments add to the look and feel. Kitchens are literally sold in the markets and are known as modular kitchen. All a person needs to do is select a modular design get it assembled in the kitchen. Modular kitchens are a European concept. The interior designs are evolving day by day and a thorough research should be done before narrowing down on a particular design.

Interior Design: Antique Lighting

Lighting is an essential feature of interior design. Clearly, we need light to be able to see, but there is much more to lighting than simply the addition of a light fixture. For instance, in a home environment, excessively bright light is a big no-no. Ambience is what we should create in our living quarters, and very bright light makes for an uncomfortable experience when trying to relax. For living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms, what we need is subdued lighting to create a perfectly harmonious atmosphere.

In order to decorate a room well, the lighting must be just right, not to dark, and certainly not too bright. Furniture may be expensive, curtains and carpets the epitome of luxury, but if the lighting is wrong, the room will feel at odds with itself.

Antique lighting fixtures are perfect as a means of lighting a room. Frequently, they are unable to emit excessively bright light, which is a bonus. Moreover, by using an antique light as a primary, or secondary, source of lighting, you simply add to the interior design they stand in their own right as a decorative item, much like an item of furniture or a painting will do. To classify a light as an antique, it must be at least a century old.

Antique lighting is a broad, umbrella term to describe all lights over 100 years old. As such, there are huge variations between the items available for purchase. This is great news, because it means a great deal of choice. Interior designers will suggest purchasing items that fit within the general period of the room. Therefore, for modern decor, you would think that it is difficult to find a suitable antique light, but this is not the case, popular contemporary styles often reflect past trends. Moreover, by choosing antiques that are unique, you ensure they do not fit a particular era per se, individuality tends to suit any look and so can normally fit with any style of decoration providing you select the item carefully and with thought.

With a decorative antique light, you can choose them as a main source of lighting or as a secondary source. Depending on which type you want, their brightness should vary: primary sources of light do need to be a little darker than secondary sources.

When purchasing antique lighting, bear in mind the novelty factor. Antique lights are not a novelty; they are intended to act as an exquisite focal point to a room, and not as a garish or gaudy addition. You should avoid Betty Boop-style lighting for instance!

Remember, the way in which you decorate a room, and the lighting that you use, are a reflection of your personality; if you like it, it is ok. Nevertheless, when decorating a home, soft lighting is best for creating a relaxed and tranquil environment.

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Becoming a Interior Designer

Career choices are no longer difficult and there are many reputed universities that extend special training that is required at a professional level. The choice to be an interior designer is conceptualized early in an individuals mind as the flair seems natural. The biggest quality one requires to become an interior designer is consistent quality of work and good personal relations skill.

The student at the school must be willing to put in hard work and also aim at bringing in creative talents. After a formal degree one can begin work by assisting a reputed designer. Ground work is essential and novices must have no qualms about doing work at any level. To guide others it is important to widen our own horizons. Unique creations come up in this field as people demand a mixture of contemporary styles with an original feel.

In case the talent is present in the aspirant then all seems effortless. Learning new solutions on the software and upgrading technical skills is important to sail through the demands on the job. Initial jobs can hone your skills and later you could also join other companies as per your requirement. Partnership firms are the best solution wherein teamwork will also bring in diversity of talent.

The student can also look into part time jobs where you can take up renovation projects and yet continue to learn new skills alongside. This is a nice field and any creative job needs lot of patience. Willingness to travel and put in extra hours sounds imperative as the clients satisfaction does a lot to your goodwill.

Along with the basic skill to be an interior designer it is also important to be a good manager.

Managing materials, arriving at a feasible option and also updating new trends is important to an interior designer. Portfolios are maintained by all leading designers. Knowledge of artifacts, wholesale markets, international trends and new styles in arrangement will always win accolades in your achievement.

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Modern Interior Design Ideas

When it comes to modern interior design ideas, how can you find the perfect design ideas and styles that you are looking for? Whether it is for your office, home, bedroom, or living room, finding the best modern styles is very important.

As you know, there are many various types of interior design you can choose from: modern, traditional, African, Japanese, cozy, and much more. So how can you find the best interior design ideas, if modern is the theme you have in mind?

Here are a few tips to help you find out the answer…

How to Find Your Favorite Modern Interior Designs Photos?

When it comes to design photos and styles, the Internet is your best and easiest source to find many various ideas.

When you do an easy search in Google, you will be surprised how many free photo galleries you can find online showing your favorite home or office design ideas.

So you can find the perfect way you would like to decorate your home or office based of these creative interior design photos.

You can even print them out if you want, to help you remember and follow the exact interior style easily.

3 Main Parts of Your Interior Design

Every interior decoration has 3 major parts: lighting, wallpapers and floors, and your furniture.

So when you’d like to create a modern and contemporary look and feel in your house or office, you certainly want to make sure the colors and furniture you choose has a modern look and feel.

For example usually black and while furniture, curtains, floors and walls help bring a modern style to your design.

On the other hands too many colorful objects in the room bring a cozy and fun sense, but maybe not the modern style you are aiming for.

So at the end it is your choice which colors and styles of furniture to use, and that is precisely why taking a look at interior home design photo galleries online helps you find your ideal collection faster.

Looking for free Interior Design Ideas to get the perfect style for your office or home? Then you can find a collection of the best interior design photos here.

Simply check out these Modern Interior Design styles and photos to find the perfect design you are looking for.

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The Interior Designer

Interior Designer can be defined as both a career and a profession. It is a career in the sense that persons who are engaged in the said activity wishes to share whatever creativity they possess as a natural virtue. On the other hand, it can also be a profession in the sense that persons who are employed as a designer possesses with them certain abilities and characteristics that attract people who have doubts on certain facts about a certain design. Furthermore, these are persons who had deepened their relationship with nature and the environment, which appreciates every single curve and straight line present in a chair, table or even the television.

With the different innovations that are being introduced every now and then the onset of these interior designers has also been one of those changes that can be added to those innovations. The process of interior designing must be following a systematic and synchronized methodology, which includes various analysis and research of a given portrait or structure.

Being an interior designer you must also have the ability to integrate fantasy from that of the reality that will pave way for the creative process, which must be inherent in a designer. Also he or she should be knowledgeable enough on structural building and has some little background on architecture is one advantage.

As of the present, the conditions of working and employment of an interior designer has a wide range. As a matter of fact, interior designers can be employed to large scale business and tiny corporations where they can work as regular and part time workers. Sometimes, those who are part time workers usually work on a certain agreement where they are allowed to have a per-job basis.

Actually, some of the part time workers are students who in their tender years already have the ability as designers, giving them the opportunity to render their talent in a way that they are also earning in return.

Moreover, you can also be a Self employed designer. As of statistics, they make up 26 percent of the whole population of interior designers. Generally, these teams of interior designers work almost all the time. The reason behind is that they don’t have any boss or any rules and regulations to follow. The problem arises when they tend to accept and accept such loads of work notwithstanding the fact that they must also have to leave a time for themselves. Furthermore, interior designers work with a lot of pressures, where it is also proven that they stay up late just to meet certain deadlines given to them by their boss and particular clients.

Lastly, interior designers are deemed to have been one of the persons who must be admired in today’s present times. Interior decoration of a certain thing, material or any other structure is not that easy to do. With the current fashion and style that we have in the present which is actually changing from time to time the burden of trying to think of new ways to amaze and attract persons is not on the client but on the designer. As a conclusion, start to design now maybe your one of them.

Expert Home Decor Opinions by Top Interior Designer from Interior Design Singapore

Interior Design Fundamentals

If you are looking for a way to make your living space appear to be a little more cozy and hospitable, there are certain areas that you will want to address with your design scheme. Some of these will relate to the color palate that you choose while others will focus more on the types of items which you use. Figuring out the best way to open up the space and make it comfortable to be in should be one of your top priorities while decorating your space. The first and most important thing to consider is what the room is going to be used for.

The space that you are decorating could be a living room or den. This means that you will want to have a space which is comfortable enough to relax in while still being able to entertain guests. This means that you will want to have enough furniture to accommodate seating for everyone and still have enough room for people to walk around and mingle.

Additionally, you will want to have enough tables for everyone because when spending time together, most people will have drinks and they will need some place to set them.

On the other hand, if you are decorating for an office, you will want to head in another direction. You will want to have a space which is comfortable enough to spend a great deal of time in but still formal enough that a person will be motivated to work. If a room is too comfortable then a person will not want to do work and if the room is too rigid, a person will not feel comfortable spending great deals of time in there.

One area that can greatly affect the mood of a room would be the items which are chosen to be in it. Area rugs are one of the best choices that a person can make for a room because it will help to open up the room and set the mood almost immediately.

The color of the area rug which is chosen will immediately establish the ambiance of the room and it can set a backdrop for all of the furniture to interact with.

The lighting scheme for a room is very important. Well lit rooms can be warm and encourage people to read or interact with each other, yet too much light and a person will feel uncomfortable, almost as if they were being scrutinized. On the other hand, if the light is too dim, the room can end up looking gloomy and dismal.

These two very basic parts of interior design can make a huge difference when it comes to how a room is perceived. They can make a person feel incredibly welcome in your space or they can alienate them and send them packing as soon as possible. Experimenting with different styles will be the best way to learn what elements work and what should be ignored for the future.

Don’t be ripped off by imitations. Be sure to buy authentic gray rugs directly.

Interior Designer Brighton

Revamp your home using the best interior designer Brighton has to offer

With years of experience designing residential properties along with numerous commercial properties, the vastly experienced interior designer Brighton has the knowledge and the skills to provide you with a cost effective solution to your proposed scheme. In the past theyve worked on countless projects throughout the whole of the UK, ranging from private residences to lavish restaurant settings. Each individual project is tailored to the clients needs, taking their requirements and budget into consideration.

Want to breathe new life into a dreary domestic setting? Work with the interior designer Brighton and let them inspire you with their creativity.

Lift your spirits

With the right interior design youll certainly feel lifted when you walk into your home. Tell the interior designer Brighton what you want to achieve from the project and let them use their creative talents to devise a scheme that completely fulfils your unique goals. The aim of the interior designer Brighton is to create the ideal interior setting that engages you and lifts you as the client.

Arrange for a site visit with the interior designer Brighton and talk through the scheme that you have in mind. Their creative vision will produce the perfect design for your needs, transforming the interior and utilising all of the space that is available.

Bring your dream project to life with help from an interior designer Brighton; theyre bristling with numerous creative ideas.

Starting up a hospitality business?

Have a word with the interior designer Brighton; let them work their magic on the interior of your new premises. You want to draw customers though your front door, dont you? You want to create a stimulating setting where they can eat, drink and relax.

The tone, decor and aesthetics of your interior will play an important part if your customers are to enjoy your new business venture.

Get it right first time with the skills of the interior designer Brighton. See how the interior designer Brighton creates the ideal setting for your business needs. The services of the interior designer Brighton extend to a full design and consultancy solution, whether you are thinking of investing in new properties, or want to refurbish existing buildings.

Crispinwilliams.co.uk provides the best interior designer Brighton, with years of experience in designing restaurants, bars, hotels, cafes and residential properties to total satisfaction.

Office Interior Design Styles

So are you looking for office interior design styles and ideas? You know how the style and design of your office highly affects your business and how you present yourself. So why not find the perfect interior design that gives you that professional edge?

It may have happened to you before. Sometimes when you walk into someone’s office – whether he is a doctor, therapist, or lawyer, you feel the style and design of it speaks to you.

Only based on the design of that person’s office, you may get the impression that he is a professional you can trust and respect. Or you may even lose the previous respect you used to have before walking in.

So as you can see, your office interior design has a major impact on your clients, and determines the success of your career to a high level.

So here you are going to discover how to find the perfect modern and elegant design for your office that you are looking for.

How to Find the Best Office Interior Design Ideas?

The good news is, it only takes you 3 short minutes to find a free collection of the best office styles and design ideas to choose from.

Simply do a simple search in Google or your other favorite search engines, and you will be amazed how many impressive photo galleries you will find showing you the most modern ideas and styles.

Whether your office is small or large, you can choose from these various creative designs and redecorate it easily.

Simply save and print out the best designs you like, and you can compare them carefully and choose the best colors, lighting, wallpapers, furniture, and everything else for your office.

How to Redecorate Your Office Design?

You can either do it yourself or ask one of your employees to help you with it.

Another possible option is to hire a professional interior designer to do it for you.

Not only you can save time this way, but you can also rest assured the job will be done by a real professional who knows how to bring the best modern interior style to your office.

Looking for free Interior Design Ideas to get the perfect style for your office or home? Then you can find a collection of the best interior design photos here.

Simply check out these Office Interior Design styles and photos to find the perfect design you are looking for.

Interior Design Today

Today, interior design has become a means of making a statement on the latest designs, thus creating an identity. A professional designer can identify, research and creatively resolve issues and lead to a healthy, safe, pleasing, user friendly and comfortable physical environment.


Interior design in India, is now well in sync with the global trends like simple straight line designs, Italian design concepts, green ecofriendly design, smart automated homes and offices that invite transparency in design.


The international style of interior design continues to be minimalist, clean, clear, sophisticated and soothing. Space and light continue to dominate the ambience. The trend that is emerging now is to camouflage an eclectic element with this clean, bold look. In terms of colour, the same trend of vivid colour thrown over a predominantly light background colour scheme continues, but in a sophisticated manner.

Move over you now witness more awareness on CO2 monitoring by the use of eco friendly paints, CRI rated carpets, solar energy, use of leds and cfls, sensors in water sources, etc.


Individuals today believe in individualizing their space. They hate to be cloned. What is in, is the concept of designer spaces. It takes a broadminded approach to achieve an outstanding effect, and can extend from decor, lighting, colour and of course space planning. Office interiors are now being designed in such a way that an individual is not lost amongst the associates who work there.


The need for an ’emotional culture’ in our living environment is rising. The designer needs to reach a level where the user and him can connect as only when their wavelengths match is when the desired result is achieved.

This is because interior designing is all about individualism. The best out of the designer will evolve only then as this is not a product to be sold, it’s a service which is unique for each individual. Work becomes relaxation, effort becomes challenge. People want to identify themselves with their environment .


Architects in Mumbaiand interior designersall over the world are engaged every day in adding value to our homes, workplaces and living environment. Delivering a fresh and unique design with an informative approach is what a designer should look at. Getting your facility done up by a professional is preferred by a lot of people today as the end product is quite satisfying and well thought of. It doesn’t end to the furniture design and space planning, inputs are required even on the kind of art décor, upholstery, lamps, etc. that will compliment the space. And that makes the outcome worthwhile and a treat. We at iDream, with our understanding of space, comfort, sustainability, functionality, efficiency, taste and above all beauty, shape places that identify individuals.

Loknath Swain is a Mumbai based writer. He writes on subjects related to architects in mumbaiand interior designers


Interior Design Salaries

Before discussing interior design remuneration in more detail, I would to make a distinction between the interior designer’s and the interior decorator’s career. Many people think the two careers are one and the same thing but this is not true. An interior designer has a wider range of skills compared to the interior decorator. For this reason, the salaries are higher than interior decorator salaries. A designer combines engineering with art while a decorator simply deals with aesthetics.

As with any other career, salaries are influenced by various factors. First, interior design wages vary depending on the geographical area. Different locations have varying costs of living and demand for interior designers. Remuneration in larger cities are expected to be higher than that in much smaller towns.

The salaries are also dependent on the level of the job.

Qualifications and credentials play a large part in design wages and ROI (return of investment). Most entry level jobs in the US will pay an average annual salary of anything in the range of $ 22 000 and $ 40 000.

Interior design salaries also vary depending on the area of specialization. One can specialize in various interesting areas. A good example is specializing either in residential design or commercial design. Salaries for designers whose training allows them to work with architectural firms or engineering service firms are higher than in any other sector.

The experience of designers also influences interior design salaries. Highly qualified and experienced interior designers have the opportunity to earn salaries in the six figure range.

Interior design salaries are dependent on the nature of employment of the designer.

If you are employed by a well established architectural firm, you can earn anything near $ 40 000. If you seek employment in a little known company you can be almost sure of earning a lesser amount.

Interior design salaries for self employed designers are dependent on how they charge their fees. Many self employed interior designers charge per hour fees for consultation. Although salaries for these self starters varies greatly, the average salary is $ 51 000. This means that most self employed designers earn higher interior design salaries than their counterparts. Salaries for self employed designers can be as high as $ 100 000 per year.

If you are planning to pursue a career in that field you are probably happy to note the high salaries even for entry level employees. This field not only offers you job satisfaction but also a chance to make your pockets deeper. If you are considering a career move you might want to try interior design.

My name is Allan and I love arts and I conventionally advise students who want the best for their career as interior designers to visit high quality reference sites. When they ask me a good place where they can find good art and interior design schools in USA, I forewarn them that the best move to make is to look for reference sites instead of visiting art schools and colleges one by one. You can find on Google good references, but I strongly recommend http://www.findyourartschool.com