Home Improvement – Adding Insulation

Years ago the importance of over insulating your house was minimal. Yes, it would take a little more oil to heat the house but, at the same time, adding additional insulation was very expensive. I’m addressing oil because in a lot of areas natural gas was not available at that time. Most homes had, and still do have, oil burning furnaces. Today, however, all this has changed. Insulation is now inexpensive; while the price of fuel oil is soaring.

Nevertheless, there are solutions to this problem. You don’t have to completely demolish your home in order to beef up its’ insulation value. Instead, you can simply add insulation to your existing home in a variety of ways. First there is loose-fill insulation. This type of insulation is usually blown into any walls, floors, attics or any irregular or inaccessible crawl spaces that you can find. Blown in loose-fill insulation can even be used to fill in empty spaces that were left when the original insulation was installed.

Next, blanket insulation is fairly easy to add to the exposed areas in the attic.

These blankets can be cut to fit any size space. However, you must wear safety clothing and use protective equipment when working with this type of insulation. There is also spray-foam insulation. This type of insulation can be used to fill in spaces that exist under switch plate covers and around window frames. You will be amazed by the quantity of cold air that can seep through an electrical switch plate cover.

So, as you can see, lowering your energy bills can be achieved by simply adding extra insulation in your existing home. Any time and physical work that you devote to this job will result in a warmer, more comfortable place for you to be.

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