Air Conditioning Repair Little Elm TX: 6 Ways To Lower Your Bills

The hottest part of the year in North Texas is coming, which means you’ll be using your air conditioner a lot and probably all the way to Thanksgiving. If you turn it on when the temperature shoots up and it seems to be struggling or just running constantly, your first thought might be to call for air conditioning repair in Little Elm TX.

Cooling (and heating) our North Texas homes accounts for nearly 50 percent of our monthly electric bills; and a struggling air conditioner that’s trying to keep up with the heat can cost even more than that to run. So what can you do to help it work more efficiently? Try these tips:
1. Plant more trees and shrubs around your house. Most of the heat that accumulates inside your house comes through the roof and windows. Shade your home by planting leafy trees and shrubs. Although the cost of planting large trees – 15- to 20-feet high – can seem daunting, you’ll more than make up the cost in energy savings. And when you plant shrubs and trees that shade your outside air conditioning unit, you can increase your AC’s efficiency by up to 10 percent.
2. Cover your windows. Solar screens or mesh screens covering your windows can keep out up to 70 percent of the sun’s heat-producing energy. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, screens are most effective on west- and east-facing windows. Another option is window film, which reflects the sun’s rays.
3. Buy a programmable thermostat. Call your favorite company for air conditioning repair in Little Elm TX and ask them about programmable thermostats. They can install one quickly for you and they can explain how best to use them to keep energy costs low. Programmable thermostats allow you to set the temperature for different times of day so that you don’t have to be at home to raise or lower the settings. You could see a savings of 5 to 15 percent on your energy bills if you raise the temperature in your home while you’re away.
4. Pull out the box fans. Going old school with box fans set up around the house can give your AC a break when the heat isn’t breaking records. In two-story homes, set up fans upstairs and open windows downstairs to circulate cool air through your home. In one-story homes, set fans up at one end and open windows at the other end of your home.
5. Don’t use your stove unless you absolutely have to. Decrease the amount of indoor heat that your AC has to mitigate by using your microwave to cook. If you must use your stove, try to use it late in the day or in the evening.
6. Get regular maintenance on your AC. This is where your favorite company for air conditioning repair in Little Elm TX comes in again. Call and ask them to give your AC a check-up before you even need it. Check-ups are inexpensive and can spot small problems before they keep your air conditioner from working at peak efficiency. In addition, your job as the homeowner is to check and change your unit’s filters at least once a month. Dirty filters can choke your AC and make it work harder.
When you need air conditioning repair in Little Elm TX or you just need a pre-season check-up, call us at Chrome Heating & Air Conditioning at (469) 252-0599 or visit to find out more about our air conditioning services.
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