Upgrade Your Closets For More Space

Most homes have small closets that are never big enough. People are collectors by nature and they need room to store all the things they collect. Because of this, there is a need for closet design ideas and closet design companies. Who would have ever imagined that closet design and closet remodeling would become an industry with national companies all vying for your business?

Whether you choose to have your closets professionally remodeled or do it yourself, you are going to need to start with closets that are a decent size. If all you have are tiny closets, the options are very limited and in order to do something meaningful, you might have to expand them by breaking down a wall. So, if you do truly want to change the look of your closets, make sure you have enough closet to work with so that the change can be noticeable.

The best closet ideas can sometimes be found by looking at open houses. Every Saturday and Sunday, realtors open up houses that are for sale and you can look through them. Now, looking through most normal priced homes will only show you normal closets, but if you go to a ritzy neighborhood and find some open houses, you will also find some cool closets.

Houses in the million dollar plus range often have big custom closets that you can walk in to and see first hand. You can see what elements of the closets you like and don’t like and you can get some great deas of your own that way too. If you go to enough houses, it will be like going to your own personal “home show”.

After having seen all the fancy custom made closets though, you will probably have to come home to a house that has very plain closets. This prompts some wives to get creative and plan out their closets and hope that their husbands can make their closet dream a reality. If you are the handyman type and comfortable with this sort of thing. a closet redesign might be something you are able to do yourself.

However, if you have a plan that involves expanding the closet by breaking through walls or something like that, you should get a professional involved. Closet redesigns are something that most men don’t care one bit about and are driven by the wives. Therefore, the main thing is to do it right so that you have a better closet and your better half is happy too. To make sure this happens, you really might need the touch of a professional.

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