Venetian Blinds Vs. Curtains When Redesigning A Room

Many people enjoy the process of redesigning a room – from decorating a spare room through to remodelling an entire home, seeing plans become reality is often a very satisfying process. The popular interior design shows on television have given many people inspiration and as a result Britain’s homes are looking better than ever. However, many people find the choice of window shades something of a sticking point – some will favour curtains, while others prefer venetian blinds and this article will hopefully provide some useful advice that will help make this decision easier.

Curtains are available in a huge variety of colours and fabrics, and many suppliers will have a wide range in stock so finding a style and colour that matches your intended room design isn’t likely to be difficult. Available in a range of different lengths, from valences to floor length, curtains are a very adaptive way of covering a window.

Blinds are also very popular way and are fast becoming the preferred way to dress windows. They are available in a wider range to suit all requirements. Venetian blinds in particular are very prominent in homes and are available in numerous colours and materials including wood, aluminium and plastic. These blinds can really give a room that crisp, modern look, while also allowing air to flow from the window keeping the room cooler and feeling fresh.

A major advantage venetian blinds offer over curtains, which should be considered when making a choice for your redesign, is space. When not in use, curtains must be folded away, often taking up valuable room which could be better utilised, especially with floor-length curtains. Venetian blinds however, can either be left in the window space in their ‘open’ position, or lifted to the top of the window with the pulley mechanism.

Cleaning venetian blinds is often something prospective buyers are concerned about. The slats can be a dust trap, but providing the room is cleaned regularly this shouldn’t be an issue. Dusting a venetian blind is no more difficult than dusting a shelf if done correctly, whereas curtains will need to be taken down and either put through the washing machine or taken to the dry cleaners, which can be very expensive.

Whichever option is decided upon, there is enough variety among the two ranges to ensure that the right window shade can be found for the newly redesigned room. Choosing the right curtains or blinds can be a tricky process, but the right ones will often provide the perfect finishing touches to a room, making all the work that goes into redecorating a satisfying experience.

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