Installing A Home Theater Set-up

It is sure that the most important consideration in setting up a home theater system is the size of the room where you will set up the home theater system. Therefore, the size of the most important part of a home theater set-up, which is the screen, is also reliant on the size of the room. Regardless of the size of the room, the minimum suggested size of the screen is 28 inches.

A flat screen television is also suggested, because it will cut down on reflections and glare. Speakers are also dependent on the size of the room. Clearly, you would require more speakers in a very large room than in a small one.

You might want to put a lot of small speakers in a large room or one large speaker in a small room. The acoustics of the room is an important factor in this. Therefore, I recommend that you either get an expert in or get a wireless sound system that can be built upon.

The average number of speakers in a starter system in an average sized room would be five or six. The more speakers you use, up to a point, the greater the reality, but lots of speakers also means that you do not need loud volume too. There are many considerations when it comes to the sound – far more than with the screen.

You will want surround sound, with woofers, sub woofers, treble and bass speakers all with the Dolby control system, probably all controlled by a graphic equalizer. All these controls can be confusing, but once you have the sound right, you will know it. It will sound like a full-size movie theater.

Another important component of your home theater system is the DVD player. Your DVD player really must have a progressive scan. This is because a progressive scan produces sharp and flicker-free pictures. However, the progressive scan facility depends on the television unit, because not all television sets support progressive scan signals.

An possible upgrade might be a five-disk carousel DVD player. All of these items also depend on the amount of money you have, of course. However, if money is tight, begin with the best DVD player you can afford and use a few old speakers and the biggest television set you can get hold of. Later, you can upgrade the television or the speakers.

The furniture is crucial too. You have to feel as if you are undergoing a special experience. The goal is to have reclining chairs, but you can start with large bean bags. Add air conditioning and a fridge for cold drinks and a few tables for nuts and candy and you are almost there.

My finishing touches would be old movie posters, photos of movie stars, a collection of autographs would be great, a replica Oscar and any other memorabilia you can think of. Then set all this off with some subtle lighting that you can raise or dim as required.

Sound, camera, action!

Owen Jones, the author of this article, writes on many subjects, but is currently involved with Home Movie Theatre. If you are interested in a Home Movie Theatre, please click through to our site.

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