Landscaping in San Jose CA – Three Ideas That Will Enhance Your Home’s Value

If you own your own home in the South Bay Area, your San Jose landscaping is something you want to make sure you maintain and upgrade as the need arises. As a homeowner, maintaining the value of your home in this economy and the San Jose metro area is important. In doing so, it contributes not only to the value of your home but also outdoor enjoyment with your family and friends. There are many proactive aesthetic things you can do to upgrade your yard. Here are three popular options, which will often add immediate value.

1. Swimming Pool – There are two types of pools you can add to your house – a below-ground pool and an above-ground pool. The below-ground is typically more expensive but will add much more value to the home and typically, if done correctly, will be more aesthetically pleasing to they eyes. There are many wonderful pool companies out there if you do your homework with some amazing design options available – rock formations, shapes and colors, surfacing textures, steps leading into the pool and much more. Typically you can have these custom designed for your yard to fit in with the current slope of the landscape and terrain, as well as fit in with whatever space you have allocated. Getting a pool can be an expensive undertaking but the value and pleasure it can add to a home can be immeasurable.

2. Rock Gardens – Another way to add value, which is much less expensive than adding a pool (of course you can do both if you’d like), is to add a rock garden or two to your yard. Rock gardens are fairly inexpensive and take very little time to build. You can do it yourself but often it’s better to have a landscaper who is experienced in rock garden design and implementation do the work for you. There are many colors, shapes and sizes to choose from, and if done correctly, especially if you add garden material to the arrangement, can really add value to your landscaping project.

3. Backyard Hill-top Flower Beds – A third way to add value to your home is to incorporate a hill-top flower bed into your backyard. These are not for all yards but if done correctly, can be a beautiful site to behold. They can also be used in conjunction with rock garden and other types of flower beds as well. Hill-top flower beds typically start near the top of a hill or higher elevation in your yard and have various levels as the hill drops. Each level can contain different types and sizes of flowers and must be irrigated properly because of it. And if the garden is set up properly from a design standpoint, the flower colors can create an amazing and unique array of beauty.

Each one of these landscaping ideas is sure to add value, not only to your home, but also to any outdoor activities you engage in. Updating your landscaping can be a fun project and is sure to add pleasure for years to come.

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