Why Grade 1 Deadbolt Locks Are Best For Home Security

What is it that burglars look for when they are choosing a home to break into? There are many things, but a few are very common. Burglars look for signs of a security alarm system, loud pets, unlocked doors and windows, and–as some people may not know–low-quality locks. The locks on a home can actually deter some burglars from trying to break in if they are high enough quality. The reason for this is simple: higher quality locks are harder to force open. Because of this it is important to upgrade old, low-quality locks with high-quality Grade 1 deadbolt locks.

Grade 1 Deadbolt Locks
Grade 1 deadbolt locks are your number one choice because they have been proven to work more efficiently than other locks. They are also proven to be able to take much more abuse than their counterparts. For example, when the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) set the standards for deadbolt locks it required that the locks be able to withstand many direct blows from a hammer without breaking.

ANSI Grades
The grade assigned to a lock by the ANSI is an important reference for consumers. This is because it means the product meets a certain set of standards, some standards being higher and some being lower. There are Grade 2 deadbolt locks, for example. But as you may have guessed, they do not perform as well and do not provide as much security as a Grade 1 deadbolt.

Other Lock Features
In addition to getting a Grade 1 deadbolt lock system you can also look into getting a Grade 1 deadbolt with extra features. You can find deadbolt locks with captured key designs, anti-saw protection, anti-drill protection, and more. Along with this, there are “restricted key” options from certain manufacturers. This type of key control makes it nearly impossible for anyone–but yourself and those to whom you give permission–to make a duplicate copy of your key.

So, the next time you consider enhancing your home’s security, remember that there are a few other things you can do outside of getting an alarm system. One of those things is to simply upgrade your locks. When you combine many different security measurements and techniques in your home you will have greater peace of mind.

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