Don’t Put Off That Bathroom Remodel, Do It Now!

Remodeling projects cost money and that’s to be expected but it’s no reason to delay. Getting the work done now rather than later is cheaper as the cost of building materials spikes upward.

Before beginning a project, ask yourself if you really need a remodel. Sometimes, all an old-looking bathroom needs is a fresh coat of paint and some odd repair. Extensive rework is typically reserved for people trying to add value to their homes, people who crave a change of style and bathrooms in need of a rework.

The sooner the better

As in the past, a bathroom remodel is still the most expensive along with a kitchen project. Cost goes up if fixtures and tubs need replacing. The good news is that buyers are usually willing to pay more for a well-functioning and tasteful bathroom as they know the cost of doing it later will be quite high.

If you must renovate the bathroom, do it now when building materials are still affordable. Using locally sourced products and even a local dealer will help cut cost. Refurbishing existing components like vanities can save even more money.

Make space

We could all do with extra space in our homes. Bathrooms are no different especially if they’re used by more than two people. Space for toiletries, towels, racks etc. should be created or if the shower is too large, it can be reduced to a corner one and the extra space made use of.

Since small bathrooms are more challenging to work with, a remodeler can lay out several plans and bring them to fruition. One idea is to use narrow walls to hold shelves. Vertical storage is the rage these days so have it installed wherever necessary.

Repair before it’s too late

Repair work should ideally be carried out when the problem is first spotted. Leaving it for later means having to deal with a worse one. It gets tougher to fix and more expensive too. Small repairs can be done yourself and indeed, it’s a great way to hone your handyman skills. But trickier ones are best left to a remodeler who’ll also gauge whether a replacement would be a sounder option than a fix.

Think intelligent design

A well-designed bathroom makes usage a breeze. Towel racks above tubs and towel bars above sinks, continuous floor tiles leading into the shower area to give the illusion of more space, one long sink instead of two, also for small spaces etc. are a few ideas. Corner showers instead of standard ones and built-in storage are a few more.

Since intelligent design can take on any form, discuss ideas with a remodeler. Take into account the existing bathroom space and how you can work with it to expand or fill it with useful functions.

No matter how large or small your budget is, there are always ways to improve bathroom design. Putting need before want and learning to blend the two is key. Since work can be laborious and requires a lot of planning, it’s more hassle-free and even cheaper to entrust it to a competent remodeler. Look for one who specializes in bathroom renovations to get the most value for your money.

A competent remodeler will renovate your house in a hassle-free and comfortable way by assisting in design and space management. Click on this website to know more about custom kitchen designs in Tampa.