Know When You Need Foundation Repair

Since homes are probably the most expensive purchase that most consumers make, it is essential to know the basic elements that make up a structure and be aware of minor problems that may arise. Educated property owners can also benefit from knowledge that lets them inspect their home on a regular basis to address minor problems and resolve them in an affordable fashion. Relying on professional San Antonio foundation repair companies is imperative because the contractors have the licenses and insurance policies that offer consumer protection.

Drainage Issues
Some foundation repair projects are the result of erosion, and homeowners should keep in mind the affect that heavy rains have with respect to their home’s foundation and underlying structure. This is especially true in older homes that do not have adequate gutter systems in place. Over time, the earth around a structure’s exterior wall line has a tendency to run off especially during storms, and this can cause water to pool up against the brick or block walls. Ultimately, erosion can cause serious problems that should be addressed by experienced foundation repair companies. In some instances, the exterior brick or block walls may need to be excavated, coated with a sealant and have the back-fill material replaced.

Missing Bricks and Mortar Joints
Over time, homes have a tendency to settle, and this can cause cracks in exterior walls and loosen the mortar that holds individual bricks together. Because the masonry is joined with mortar, it functions as an entire structural piece. Damaged joints should be replaced before a wall starts to crack. Foundation repair that requires replacing mortar joints, or re-pointing, is readily available and ensures that minor problems are resolved before they spiral into expensive repairs. In addition to replacing the mortar that holds blocks together, some homeowners may encounter bricks that have cracked. Installing new masonry is essential and protects the structural integrity of piers and supporting walls. Because most foundation repair companies have the experience that safety calls for, their assistance is often essential for brick and re-pointing projects.

Foundation repair is a problem that most homeowners will encounter at one time or another, and addressing the issue while it is still minor is the proactive way to save money while ensuring a structure’s safety. Major projects may require the replacement of individual piers or walls that support a structure’s weight by professional San Antonio foundation repair contractors that have the tools and labor power to safely finish the job.

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