If You Suffer From Allergies Try Switching To Organic Sleep Products

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Many of us suffer from allergies. We are easily exposed to dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and particles in the air which cause our immune systems to stimulate a hyper-sensitive reaction. Choosing to redesign your home and replace traditional home furnishings with organic products may help reduce the signs and symptoms of your allergies. There is variety in organic designer furnishing to assure your home will still be a chic representation of your lifestyle as well as beneficial to your health.

Why Should I Replace My Regular Furniture with an Organic Product?

Even the cleanest homes contain many thousands of dust mites and unfortunately their favorite residence is your bed and bedding materials. The average person spends approximately 8 hours per day in their bed making them very susceptible to the allergens produced from this pests’ excretion. Most people sleep on mattress toppers made from petrochemicals, synthetic fillers and poly fibers. Regardless of the top quality brand, the chemicals in these materials evaporate and are released into the air which we breathe directly into our respiratory system, which weakens our immunity. Haiku Designs has created eco-friendly furniture that offers natural and organic alternatives. They offer consumers mattress toppers made from organic cotton and naturally treated wool that isn’t processed or dyed with harsh chemicals. It helps keep moisture away, creating a clean, fresh and dry bed which prevents common molds and allergens.

Are Organic Furniture Products Comfortable?

Since we spend most of our time in the bedroom it’s important to create a space that is functional and comfortable. There are many stylish bedroom furniture sets to choose from as well as the option to mix and match different pieces according to your style. Haiku Designs has taken the traditional furniture of Japanese culture and re-designed it to fit your modern-day lifestyle. Multi-functional beds, like the Tomaru create an environment that allows air to circulate throughout the mattress and sleeping area. The platform design is simple but tasteful giving you a bed that is low to the ground and takes up minimal space. The Rajah platform bed set offers two large under-the-bed- drawers for storage giving you a space saving option. These sets pair perfectly with their Natural Latex mattress made from latex foam, wool, unbleached cotton and castor oil. These natural products create a healthy allergy-free sleeping environment that’s comfortable, too! Naturalpedic foam provides a unique resilience that makes an ideal sleeping platform. It provides superior rest for two people of different weights. Movement is not transferred through the mattress allowing for an unbothered relaxed sleep.

How Can I Maintain a Stylish and Allergy Free Home?

Cluttered and over furnished homes are breeding grounds for dust mites and mold spores. When it comes to keeping your home allergy free you want to choose pieces that are multi-functional, but you don’t have to give up style. A perfect place to start is the living area which tends to get chaotic during our everyday lives. Try furnishing your living space with a sleeper sofa, not only does it provide a comfortable place to sit and watch movies, but it allows for extra space when guests stay for a weekend. Many of the sleeper sofas are sleek, simple and sophisticated. They’ve changed the look of a bulky pull out bed and turned it into a refreshing design. It gives you the option to lounge in a half drop position or fold it flat into a bed position. Finally you have the option to choose furniture that is modern and exudes your sense of style while still keeping a healthy home environment.

Furniture like Haiku Designs’ platform beds and bedroom furniture sets serves multi-purposes, providing quality organic sleeping products that are healthier substitutes to traditional bedding. Haiku Designs is committed to providing eco-friendly furniture that is not only healthy for the environment, but for your home.

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