Home Improvement Grants – The Basics?

Home improvement loans are different from home improvement grants. The difference is a loan has to be paid back in full to the lender whereas the grant is a type of gift. However, home improvement grants don’t usually cover the full cost of the renovations so some amount has to be from the owners own pocket.

There are a number of limitations regarding who can apply for a home improvement grant but they are usually available to the following:

Remodeling grants aren’t available for everyone and can only be used for home improvements. Normally they can be given to:

2. Disabled home owners

3. Families with Low Income

3. Those with low incomes

Before being approved for a grant a professional inspector will come to your home and decide if repairs or renovation is needed.

The process of obtaining a grant can be time consuming but there are emergency home improvement grants that you can get at short notice. Examples of emergency grants would be if you have a hole in your roof or you have electrical hazards that need repair. Each department has their own rules about in what circumstances a home improvement grant will be given.

Remodeling grants can be used for a number of different jobs such as fixing leaks in the roof, electrical repairs, fixing unstable and leaking walls or repairing pipes. If there is an emergency such as an electrical hazard you can usually get through the system faster. Each organization sets their own rules about who is eligible and who gets through the systems.

Home improvement grants exist for those people who cannot afford to make their own repairs or for people who cannot get a loan due to bad credit or too much credit. If you think you might be eligible then don’t hesitate to apply.

If you’re turned down for a remodeling grant then you will have to turn to more traditional methods and try for a subsidised loan. There are lots available with interest rates between 1% and 5% and are usually set up so that repayments cover a longer period. Do your research first though and never borrow beyond your means.

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