A Bathroom Remodeling Can Bring Big Bucks When Selling Your Home

When a home goes on the market, buyers compare the home to other homes in the desired neighborhood. Does your home stand out? Many buyers are looking for not only a good buy, but a home with modern updates meet their demands. They are often willing to pay more, if they are able to get what they are looking for in a home. Bathroom renovations go a log way in meeting these demands.

Modern bathrooms are fantastic and spacious. Showers with rainmaker heads, massage jets, steam capabilities and bathtubs with whirlpool jets are welcome features in master bathrooms. Buyers view these luxuries as an important selling feature. Adding these improvements allow you to improve both your homes appearance, increase value and helps it to stand out in the crowd.

Make sure you stay on par with other homes in your neighborhood. You don’t want to over improve as it will be difficult to get the added value back out the home when it sells. The improvements should remain within the style, space constraints, and price range of your home and the other homes within the neighborhood. If the bathrooms within your home are small, adding items like pedestal sinks help small spaces appear roomier. Also, refinishing old tubs, updating the fixtures, and adding new sliding doors help bring new life to old bathrooms.

Want to see what other sellers are offering buyers? Why not visit the open house events in your neighborhood. These are usually scheduled on Saturday and Sunday and do not require an appointment. You can also talk to the salespeople at your local hardware store or pick up a design book from a book store for ideas on how to make the most of your existing space.

Stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s offer competitive prices daily along with display sales floor models that are sure to spike your creativity with design ideas. They stock many different name brands, so you’ll likely find what you need in stock. In the rare event that an item is not available, they can likely get it for you in a few days.

As you start your project, keep in mind that showing a buyer the bathroom has been renovated is often not enough. They want to see the job was done clean and professionally. When doing to work on your own, take your time and do the job right. If you see that the job is more than you can handle, don’t be afraid to call a contractor. Remember, if you have planned well, you’ll have no problem getting your money back at closing.

As stated earlier, sometimes the best renovation projects don’t have to be expensive. A simple and clean bathroom remodel doesn’t have to be boring and bland. With careful use of color, even a small bathroom can be amazing.

Final Thoughts

The biggest thing you need to do to make your project a success is to create a plan and establish a working budget. Once you have done this, don’t let emotion get in the way and stick to the budget.

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