How To Pay For That Next Home Improvement Project

Most home owners will tell you that there the work on a house is never done, whether you’ve just moved in or whether you’ve been living there for forty years. Almost all home owners have a list of home improvements they’d love to accomplish but a lack of money to pay for these improvements often means that projects are put on hold for years.

That’s a problem, especially when it comes to home improvements that are necessary such as replacing a new roof, repairing or replacing plumbing or electrical work or simply putting in better windows and door.

Here are a few ways you can borrow or raise the money you need to pay for those home improvements.

Home Equity Line of Credit – Known as a HELOC this is a “secure” loan from a bank or credit union, which means you are using your home as collateral on the loan. If you bought your home for $ 100,000 five years ago but now you could sell it for $ 150,000 then you essentially have $ 50,000 in equity in your home. A bank might give you a Home Equity Line of Credit for that $ 50,000. You can then write checks for some or all of that money and pay the money back over time with interest.

Home Equity Loan – Similar to a Home Equity Line of Credit, a Home Equity Loan is usually for a fixed amount of money and is given all at once. The interest rates on Home Equity Loans and Home Equity Lines of Credit often differ so a banker or loan officer can tell you which one is best for you.

Hardware Store Credit Cards – I know, opening another credit card isn’t always the best thing to do, but many large hardware stores offer zero percent interest rates and even discounts on purchasing home improvement products when you use their hardware store credit card. If you’re going to use this method, you should probably have your project planned out in advance and have a pretty good idea of how you’re going to pay it off. The discount is often only good on the first purchase and the low interest rate doesn’t late forever.

Sell Old Home Improvement Materials – If you’re remodeling your bathroom you could almost definitely sell those old cabinets and maybe even that old tile to raise some money which could help pay for your new bathroom features. Remember that what is old to you may be new to someone else. I have some neighbors who actually did this together. One neighbor tore out all his kitchen cabinets and then sold them to another neighbor who installed them all in his garage. The seller got some money for what he would have thrown away and the buyer got some great cabinets for his garage at a fraction of the cost of what new cabinets would have cost.

Be smart when pricing out and paying for home improvements. With a little creativity and the proper knowledge you can finance those home improvement projects and fix up your home without breaking the bank!

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