Beach House Bathroom Design

Ever tried having sand stuck in your bathroom floor drain? This can be pretty annoying right? Sand being stuck in the drain cannot be removed by merely utilizing your typical rubber suction tool. The p-trap cover has to be removed to take away that nasty build up.

It has been a clinch to live by the beach, relax and bask in the sun for that golden tan you have been dreaming about while enjoying the sea breeze to your heart’s content. But many people do not know the perils of living by the beach. Metal appliances, house and bathroom fixtures can easily get rusty and that is just one of it.

Sewage Pipe Design

Since sand can be powdery at times, it can be dispersed by a flush of water and you need to have a bigger pipe diameter in order to do this. Use at least 4 inch sewage pipes as minimum diameter for floor drains plus about 1 to 2 degrees of pipe slope from your regular local standard.

Foot Bath

This is the most critical part of the design to avoid sand congestion inside the drainage pipe line. Have a separate concrete basin where you can wash your feet from the sand that may be on your feet. Raise the drain hole about an inch higher than that of the floor so that the sand can settle at the bottom of the basin and not inside the drain pipe. In most cases foot baths are only used in swimming pools, but why shouldn’t we use it for the convenience of our homes.

Water pipe Line and Fixtures

It is advisable for you to use those made of copper, brass or plastic material if you are living near the beach since sea breezes can also cause rapid rusting amongst steel components. It would be a waste if you would be using a steel pipe embedded inside those oven-baked Spanish tiles that had to be imported from Europe and then after a year or two have them taken out the waterline system or the embedded fixture because the pipeline has gone rotten due to the accumulation of rust.

Drying Area

Also make sure that a small drying area inside the bathroom is available for you or guests to hang bathing suits and trunks after use. This can be a very convenient drying area because you can hang your gear after rinsing, just in case you are still planning to take a dip later on.

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