Building your perfect kitchen island

Another option is an under the counter drawer refrigerator for quickly grabbing common items when cooking; others choose lots of drawer space for kitchen utensils and cooking implements.

It doesn’t matter what you choose, as long as your perfect kitchen island is what you are seeking to provide years of kitchen pleasure whether preparing an intimate meal for two, or a larger soiree for a dozen of your closest friends.

The planning phase of a new kitchen island requires some background knowledge of the space you propose to use. How will a newly installed kitchen island affect the traffic and workflow of the overall kitchen? What height for the island – same as your other counter tops, or perhaps a higher workspace which may be easier for long periods of stand-up working? What appliances – if any – will you include in the island? And, finally, what do you want to do with the island; will it be just preparation and cooking space, or will you include a casual eating area with bar-height stools?

Since adding or replacing a kitchen island is a major project, how will it fit into your current kitchen look? Can you match your current counter tops for the new island? Or, is it time to perhaps replace all of the counter tops to match the new island, with granite or other popular new surfaces?

If you’re looking at new counter tops, should you also be looking at new cabinets, too? Going one step further, what about your appliances? Are they one or two generations behind today’s new high-efficiency, energy-saving, green-friendly appliances?

As you work your way through these questions and your planning process, also consider how your new kitchen island will impact the overall value of your home. Updated kitchens, with features such as desirable kitchen islands, add overall value to your home. Small amounts of money invested today in modern kitchens and bathrooms make big differences in higher sale prices of homes when put on the market.

Kitchen islands can be custom made for any size kitchen, and can tremendously improve the productivity of any cook or chef. Well planned, multi-purpose kitchen islands can be time savers and convenience makers.

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