Made to Measure Roman Blinds versus Made to Measure Roller Blinds

Made to measure blinds are very efficient window dressings not only because they can fit any window in your house, but because they can also provide comfort and a good sense of style. It is sometimes very hard to find the perfect window shade especially the ones inside your bathroom, the kitchen area, or other rooms in your household that have windows that are a lot smaller than the usual window size. Drapes and curtains are usually ready-made and are manufactured in a standard size. So if you want to make sure that your privacy will not be invaded by peeping toms, switch to made to measure blinds and enjoy the comforts of your home.

Two of the most popular blinds are the made to measure roman blinds and the made to measure roller blinds. Both the roman and roller blinds are relatively cheap which is why they are the most commonly used kind of blinds in a lot of homes. Aside from being reasonably priced and being highly affordable, these blinds can also be purchased in a variety of colors, finishes, patterns, designs and styles. These made to measure blinds will definitely highlight your homes and make your abode look refreshing, elegant or sophisticated.

If you want to redesign your interiors and make your living room look grand or luxurious, then made to measure roman blinds are the perfect ones for you. Made to measure blinds are made up of fabric with gentle folds or pleats that cascade like waterfalls down your windows which give out a very dramatic effect. Roman blinds are also perfect window dressings for bedrooms because they can completely block out all the unwanted light which will be ideal for sleeping. Made to measure roman blinds can also be purchased in different styles – the classic roman blinds, the hobbled roman blinds and the seamless roman blinds.

Made to measure roller blinds are famous for being long lasting. These blinds can be adjusted through a chain mechanism at the side, to manipulate the amount of light that you want to enter in your room. Roller blinds are very easy to install and uninstall. Unlike draperies and curtains, roller blinds are lightweight and can be cleaned easily. They do not gather much dust and dirt like the traditional and conventional window dressings. A great feature of roller blinds is that they can provide good heat insulation which will also be perfect for bedrooms just like the made to measure roman blinds.

Both of the mentioned blinds above have their own special features. You just have to choose which one’s the best for your home.

Joseph works for Norwich Sunblinds, a specialist home decor company. The company offer a wide range of different made to measure Roman blinds and awnings.