Wintertime is Coming Insulate Your Home & Save on Heating System Costs

With the Canadian Geese honking in the sky practicing for their annual migration to fall climes there is no doubt that Father Christmas, cold wintertime and huge wintertime heating bills are soon to be upon us. Yet it not only normal household maintenance schedules and use but downright negligence that leads most of us to have inadequate , insufficient and downright deficient levels of insulation in our homes leading to larger fuel bills and heating costs that need be and downright false economy.

According to those in the heating trades its an everyday occurrence that they see in their heating trades service calls and visits that a vast majority of American and Canadian homes are inadequately protected against both summer and yet winter weather conditions. These residences and office buildings have poorly maintained and installed weather stripping and window caulking. Add to and along with the poor weather stripping and window caulking poor and inadequate insulation factors and levels in their walls, ceilings and floors. Its part a matter of comfort to the inhabitants and dwellers, its part health concerns from the draft and lastly it is a matter of money. After all a penny saved is more than a penny earned. A penny saved does not have to pay taxes – whether its income taxes, sales taxes or the GST or Provincial sales taxes up there to the north in Canada.

First and foremost and is no and certainly little doubt about this matter of residential and office buildings heat insulation. Poor insulation accounts for the largest and greatest loss and waste of fuel, heat energy and heating budgets. If you do have a limited budget for home or commercial maintenance any funds that you can allocate for improving the insulation and insulation levels at your property or properties is money well spent , a two edged sword. Invest now in improving your home insulation and the dividends paid will earn you interest and indeed income in heating and fuel savings which you can allocate to your property and home upgrade budget down the line – whether that is to further upgrade insulation and R values or for whatever other or additional projects or renovation project budgets that you have in mind.

In science and physics it is called entropy. In your case it might be called you kid leaving the house front , back doors or attached garage door opening and “heating up the outside” and your expense. Just as water flows downhill, heat will always flow to one of lower temperatures, never the reverse. If heat did flow from cold areas (outside in the wintertime) to warmer areas – you would have a built in heat pump of a furnace at your stead and at no cost. Your heating budgets would be nil and all in all you would have a lot more cash in your pocket. Not so. You can count on it. Heat will always flow from areas of higher temperatures to that of lower and colder temperatures. It a law of science and physics.

Some materials involved in building and contracting are good conductors to the flow of heat. An example might be copper used in either a frying pan or water pipes in your walls. Others like the pink fiberglass insulation in your walls is not a good conductor or heat and thus to your benefit is a good insulation or non conductor of heat and heat energies.

Regardless the game and rules are always the same when it comes to home insulation. You should always remember this rule as a basis of planning for and involving contractors and trades people in planning , maintaining and upgrading your heating , cooling , air conditioning and furnace systems and bumping up your insulation “R” values. The fundamental always simply put is to block the flow of heat into and out of your home or office buildings.

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