History Of Interior Design Traced To Pre-Roman Times

It was over 2000 years ago that paintings and mosaics adorned the walls in Roman structures to bring color and life to the interiors of the buildings. Some may argue that the history of interior design may date back to cave drawings, but interior designs on public buildings and the homes of leading citizens often demonstrated the values of the citizens of the local area.

Between the 1700s and 1800s there was a decline in decorating, as marble inlay and cloth drapings were reduce due to a decline in financial resources as well as political and cultural declines. The history of interior design did not see another significant change until about 1800 when the so-called art deco movement identified many household items are part of interior design. Lamps, furniture and other items were included in decorating plans as well as did fabrics and fixtures.

It was not until the 1950s and early 1960s that citizens began to have the financial resources to concern their households with items beyond the basic needs, allowing for furniture and other furnishings to reflect a certain decorating flair. It was also about this time that some people studied the history of interior design and began offering their knowledge to help others with their home decorating.

Building Interiors Played Role In Design

The history of interior design buildings were constructed to perform a function based on the need at the time. The designs had an influence over their use based on the time at which they were built. As people began to desire a better interior environment, with headings towards their love for the outdoors, many features offering more of an open space appearance began to emerge.

People studied the history of interior design both architecturally and with interior furnishings and used that knowledge to change the interiors of structures without needing to change the entire structure. Their studies enabled them to learn the styles of different eras and their experience and eye for art enabled them to bring together the building and works for offering interior designs.

Today’s idea of designing is a culmination of several centuries of the history of interior design bring together even the so-called hi-tech designs using metal and glass. Creating fluid traffic flow to work with the building’s architecture, furniture and artwork to create a comfortable yet functional living and working space, is the aim of most interior design professionals.

Whether you prefer contemporary, Art Decor or old-world you’ll be able to find a designer to meet your needs.

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