Distinctive Bathroom Remodeling Ideas in Austin

Not happy with your old bathroom? Many homeowners in Austin and neighboring areas are not satisfied with the looks of their bathrooms and want to remodel it. Mostly their remodeling needs revolve around conversion of old bathtubs to showers, replacement of shower pans or replacement of bathroom wall surfaces that have become old and worn out.

The bathroom remodeling process is very simple. All that homeowners need to do is call up an installation expert to visit their homes and do an assessment/ estimation of the work involved. Based on the needs and the budget of the homeowner, an assessment of the work is done and an estimate presented to the homeowner that includes a description of the process that is involved, time required for completion and the price and associated warranty. Once the estimate is accepted, the work begins and is completed in a timely way.

Sometimes homeowners have preferences for specific brands/ products of different manufacturers and the installation company arranges to order these products on behalf of the homeowners. In such instances it might take a few days for the material to arrive before work can begin.

For homeowners, the selection of an installation company is a matter of importance and it is recommended that homeowners arrive at a decision after having evaluated the installation company on the following criteria:

– Years of experience in the business.

– Whether they have own staff or work with sub-contracted labor?

– Whether they have certified plumbers on their staff?

– Can they provide references?

– What is the period of Warranty that they provide?

– How fast is their response time to complaints?

– Are they dealers or distributors of branded bathroom and kitchen plumbing products?

– Is their pricing competitive?

Most installation companies put forward their best feet when reaching out to homeowners. Displaying their understanding of customer needs, providing them excellent options and ideas, being prompt in customer service and agreeing to provide lifetime warranty on not only the products but the workmanship also, are some of the selling points that mostly work in winning a deal. Pricing no doubt is important but having experienced and certified plumbers on staff and therefore charging a premium on price is another selling point that works favorably in the minds of the homeowners.

Homeowners therefore need to be careful when making a choice. Having done an initial homework on these parameters, homeowners should shortlist at least 2 or 3 installation companies in and around Austin, compare their offers, talk to their references and then finally make a selection.

Remodeling of a bathroom is usually completed in a few days. Sometimes, the work can be carried out in a matter of one or two days only if it just involves conversion of a bathtub to a shower or if it requires replacement of a shower pan. However, this work may also stretch to a few days if there is either a complexity involved in the work; or in case ordered products take longer to arrive.

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