household items manufacturer – MAKE SAFETY A PRIORITY IN HOME APPLIANCES

When it comes to home appliances, safety should be top priority and not the attractive features and price. This means buying appliances that have been approved for sale for the use it was manufactured for.
While it’s hard to resist a good bargain, basing buying decisions mainly on the lowest price may cost you dearly in the long run, especially if it places your home or family at risk. Of course, your buying decisions do need to line up with the family budget, but you shouldn’t sacrifice safety for any cost savings.
How do you know if an appliance or product is safe to use? Look for safety certification on appliances, electrical tools or devices and other household products. Safety certification is not limited to electrical appliances but extends to a wide range of products and materials.
Buy products that are not only certified, but are from a trusted source or brand. There are many knock-offs in the marketplace and it’s difficult to tell a fake from the real thing. Uncertified power bars are one such product that is often sold to unsuspecting consumers. It could be a small and inexpensive product, but one that could pose a fire risk. Any detection or monitoring products that you rely on such as carbon monoxide detectors, offer little value if they are not certified to operate as they should. Look for the ISI mark and other electrical safety certification. When buying vintage houseware or used appliances, be safe and check for certification, especially if you intend on using the item regularly rather than displaying it.
All too often we hear of manufactured products being recalled by the manufacturers due to some technical flaw or manufacturing defect. Pay heed to these advertisements in the local dailies or television because this is the only way manufacturers can reach the customers and warn them. If the brand sounds familiar, inspect your appliance and follow the manufacturer’s recall directions.
When it comes to appliance use, think less of tradition and more about safety. Just because your grandmother presented you her antique cooking range in working condition does not mean it is safe. Have a periodic maintenance check to see if any wires are frayed or plug points are rusted.
While some signs of deterioration are very noticeable, others are not and wear and tear can make appliances or products less than desirable when it comes to operation and safety. What was the recommended safety standard a few years may no longer be applicable. It may be time to upgrade an appliance or two. Practise good asset management by planning your appliance buying, making it easier on the budget, while taking advantage of appliance rebates, energy efficiency programs or retail deals.

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