What you should know before buying a safety tub?

Statistics reveal that most falls in the households happen in the bathrooms than any other room. Another research shows that more than two thirds of injuries caused in the bathroom occur near the tub or shower. Falls do happen when people step over tub wall or a wet floor or lean on a glass door that cannot support their weight. The case of falls and injuries are especially more in people over 65 years since after these years the eyesight fades and mobility and balance decreases. So surprisingly, one in three adults over the age of 65 experiences falls in a typical year. Though this can be a bad news, a lot of enhancements achieved through advanced technology can prevent this from happening. Safety tubs are exquisite bath tubs featured with anti-skid properties and enough safety aspects.

While safety baths assure wonderful kind of baths that are so relaxing, soothing and relieving of stress and pains, they still assure a safe kind of bathing experience. These kinds of baths are designed after learning the hazards that are usually associated with bath tubs and therefore carry solutions to most skid problems. The ultimate purpose of safety tubs is to ensure a bath space with more convenience, comfort and safety. Safety tubs also have diverse kinds of therapeutic advantages. Since you can have more independence due to the enhanced safety features, you can spend more time in the home that you have always loved while enjoying a highly soothing bath.

Some of the safety elements in safety bath tubs include low step in arrangements, grab bars that are built in, surfaces conditioned with anti skid features. Beyond these aspects, you may also choose from a variety of hydro-therapeutic features that can have medical benefits too. The attached massaging water jets can replicate the experience that is typical of a luxury spa and therefore will satisfy you more than anything. The safety tubs can be tailored to the specific requirements of the home owner and are therefore wonderful choices for them than the traditional kinds of bath tubs that carry an element of risk.

There are also ways you can get a combined safety tub and a shower experience with the customizable options featured into your bath tub while doing the installation as per your custom requirements. In this way you can significantly enhance your bath experience besides satisfying the needs of your family members who love a shower, or bath tub or both together.

The installation of safety tubs are rather very easy and do not call for a thorough reworking of the existing space or arrangements inside your bathroom. You can get the new safety tubs installed within the available constraints of course with some minor modifications that will not cost you much. Therefore safety tubs are an extraordinary way of significantly enhancing your bathing experience in your cherished homes. Install a safety tub in your home and give the fantastic experience that your family members have been pining for while staying at peace due to the wonderful safety aspects inbuilt in the system.

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