Brief Introduction To Interior Design

There are a lot of interior designers in the area of modern interior design as it is a very popular genre of interior design that is making waves today. Modern interior design is very popular in commercial and residential facilities in large cities. Many hotels in large cities are now being designed in modern interior design whereas most rural and suburban homes are still done in the traditional style of design.

Offices are big fans of modern interior design because they want to show their clients they are up to date in the latest technological advances. It is a very clean look and does not require a lot of furniture. If a designer is not very experienced in modern interior design, they can border on the boring or sterile version of contemporary design.

The Concept

The basic concept of modern interior design is straight lines, geometrics shapes, single colors, shiny surfaces and the lack of ‘stuff’. Sometimes a room will be monochromatic, or that monochromatic color is accented with a single bold, contrasting color or a deeper version of the monochromatic color. All of the colors of the spectrum are used in modern interior design, but you seldom see any prints unless they are geometric shapes or patterns. Generally, the patterns or shapes will be in accent pillows.

For example, you may have a peach sofa with large solid, bold orange and teal pillows. There might be a high backed upholstered chair in the same peach fabric with a small accent pillow with orange and teal stripes. The coffee table and end tables will be out of a peach laminate with maybe a piece of contemporary chocolate brown pottery sitting on the coffee table. The lamp can be a shiny chrome floor lamp with a chrome lampshade, and a stark brown bookshelf with books and a few knick-knacks may sit against a wall. This may be all that is in the room.

The furniture in modern interior design uses a lot of low back sectional sofas and straight lined chairs and tables. There are a lot of straight lines used in the chairs that are used in modern interior design. There are very few rounded arm upholstered chairs and the lamps are usually high tech looking and very shiny. Window treatments are usually blinds or a hard treatment of some sort and many are left uncovered. Flooring, in many cases, consists of a natural material; grasses, bamboos and jute are very popular. Walls are either left white or painted, wallpaper is rarely used in modern interior design. The artwork is always modern and usually the entire room is built around the artwork.

In commercial modern interior design projects, there are a lot of shiny surfaces and monochromatic colors. A client gets his first impression of the company when he first walks through the door, therefore, the business wants to show that it is updated and organized. It sounds like a simple form of interior design, but actually it takes knowledge and skill to achieve the exact specified look. To achieve any style of interior design, hiring a good Interior Designer is always your best option.

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