A Guide to Proper attic insulation calgary for your home

According to the University of Georgia’s extension experts, attic is the most efficient place for your home to be insulated. An easy way to determine sufficient attic insulation calgary is to measure its thickness. While the R-value for other areas of your home can be lesser, the attic is recommended to have at least a value of R-49. It is the attic where most of the energy is lost from a home. So it is important to seal it off properly for any type of air leaks.

Types of Attic Insulation
Attic insulation can be installed for different types of homes.

* You may have a newly built house
* You may have an older house with or without attic insulation
* You may want to install new attic
* You may want to upgrade or top up the existing attic insulation
* You may want to install attic insulation for roofs having difficult access

Best Practices in Attic Insulation
When choosing the right attic insulation or upgrade company, make sure that they follow the best industry practices. This includes:

* Not leaving any wastage after the installation
* Installations are carried out by qualified and experienced professionals
* Using only high quality insulation materials at cost-effective prices
* Faster and proper installation without causing disturbance to your regular routine

Choose a home insulation company that specializes in attic insulation. You can come across several insulating contractors, but very few of them are specialists in attic upgrades. Some companies may also provide additional services such as insulating light tunnels, trapdoors and pipework. Choose a service based on your requirements.

Free Estimation and Quote
You will have to get your attic insulation evaluated before you make any decision about the type of insulation. The right attic insulation company will provide a free survey and quote. Their specialists will visit your house and check the attic before giving an estimate. They should also be able to provide you contacts of their previous customers so that you could learn about their service quality.

Care with Amount of Insulation
The depth of the insulation in the attic will depend on your climate zone. Make sure that your installer discusses this with you. Besides, the insulation should be evenly spread out in the attic and it should be ensured that it meets the minimal depth requirement. If it doesn’t, then you haven’t installed reliable insulation. While the material must provide sufficient shield against heat transfer, it should also be laid out keeping in mind the requirements for vapor barrier.

Consider all these factors before you install new attic insulation calgary. Only and experienced and well-established company with good reputation will be able to provide you proper guidance as regards to the choice of the right insulation for your attic.

The Author is an experienced professional in the home insulation industry. He started his career catering to various home insulation requirements before specializing in attic insulation calgary. He emphasizes the importance of properly insulating attics because this is where a home loses most of its energy from. He likes to write and share his knowledge with his followers by positing informative articles like these from time to time.

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