Virginia Basement Remodeling ? Customizing your Laundry

A lot of older homes can be limiting in terms of how much space they have, and that can force a lot of the amenities to be awkward in their use, or pushed out of the way such as with a washer and dryer being setup in your Virginia basement. It?s the most unfortunately place to have get things clean ? ironically in the corner of a dirty basement.

An affordable option is to update and modify your basement so it?s not just a washer and dryer in a dank corner anymore. You can do a lot on a small budget to trick out your laundry space without sacrificing other areas in your basement. Here are some great ideas for spicing up this utilitarian area of your basement.

Update the floor ? You need to have a floor that works with you, can help you keep your traction, cleans up easily and doesn?t retain moisture. Tile in any format will beat that poured concrete floor hands down any day, and can give you something pleasant to look at while you?re down there.

Add Storage ? Most homes never offer enough storage space in the wash area. Hanging suspended cabinets or creating a vertical pantry can give you just the right amount of storage you need. If you create a table area you can also add under-counter cabinets for additional storage.

Sorting Centers ? Having to create piles of laundry in order to get your colors separate is a hassle. Instead, build some sorting bins that allow you to put colors, darks and whites in their own areas ultimately making for simplified laundry duties and a clear floor.

Built in Sorting, Folding ? A table is a great option for your work space in the laundry room. You won?t have to carry loads of clothes around the house to find a spot to fold them. This gives you a spot to sit or stand and fold your laundry quickly while managing your other loads.

Built in Ironing Board ? It?s nice to have a full size ironing board but it?s not so nice when you have to lug it around for just one or two shirts. With a build in ironing board you?re able to tackle your ironing and then easily put the board away when it?s no longer needed.

The dream laundry suite is just a brief remodel away and it?s a project that won?t sap your budget dry. If you?re looking forward ways to update your home to make life a little easier, look no further than your Virginia basement.

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