How Do We Repair Sash Cords?

Many of our clients ask us to repair sash window cords in their homes. As a result, we’d like to help you learn how we repair and replace sash cord units on older sash windows.

Please have a look below at how a Silver Saints handyman typically repairs sash cord units in people’s homes.

–The first thing we do is remove any dust or debris that might be on your sash window.
This step is important because it helps the handyman maintain a clean workspace.

–Once the window has been cleaned we start the repair process by removing the window’s cill, sash bars, moulding and rails from the window frame.
At first glance, this dismantling process might seem a bit excessive. However, it’s important to remove these pieces from the window frame because it lets the handyman locate the window’s sash cords. These cords are usually wrapped around a set of pulleys that are used to open and close the window.

–Once we’ve located the sash cords, we then remove any sash cords that are broken or frayed.
This process is usually straightforward because older sash windows contain cords that are easy to remove from the window’s pulleys and sashes.

–After we’ve removed the broken cords, we then thread new sash cords around the window’s pulleys and sashes.
Many do-it-yourself enthusiasts have trouble completing this task when they attempt to replace sash cord units by themselves. This is the case because it’s easy to miss a spot whilst threading the cords through the pulleys or sashes.

However, our master handymen can usually finish this task in a jiffy because they use a proven technique that ensures that they thread the cords through each pulley and sash the first time around.

–Once we’ve finished threading the sash cords, we then test the pulleys to make sure the cords are threaded properly.

–Finally, after we’re sure that the window is working properly, we then carefully reassemble the window to its original state.

The entire process takes about 60-90 minutes to complete in most cases. As a result, we can help you repair sash window cords in less time that it takes most do-it-yourselfers to finish the task.

As you can see, the process to repair sash cords on older sash windows takes a bit of time to do well. However, the benefits of repairing your window’s sash window cords are worth waiting for because they can help you save time and money on more costly sash window replacement schemes.

As a result, we’d like to invite you to learn more about how we can replace or repair sash cord units in your home. To do so, please ring our communications team today to learn more about how we repair sash window cords.

Moreover, please drop us an email today to learn about how we can help you replace the spiral balances that are used on modern sash windows. We’d be happy to help you learn how you can save money on costly sash window replacement schemes by replacing the spiral balances in your home’s modern sash windows.

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